June 8, 2010

OLd Fashioned Lemonade: DIY Lemonade

Good morning!

We thought we’d kick off your Tuesday with the food portion of our DIY extravaganza for the “Walk Through a Wedding w/ J&M” Workshop which is coming up TOMORROW! Whee! :)

First up, the thing that started it all: Old Fashioned Lemonade of course.

We started with some yummy ingredients and those super cute bottles we got at Ikea (HUGE thanks to Deyla Huss for sending us the link!) Another big thanks to our friend Alicia for coming over and lending an extra set of hands! You’re awesome A!!

First up, Julia rolled the lemons on a cutting board to soften em up and make them easier to juice. Then she cut them in half using her best “Rachel Ray, curl your fingers under” cutting method. But only after I yelled at her that she was going to cut her finger off! :) It was wild times in that kitchen I tell ya, wild times.

Then we brought out my handy dandy Williams Sonoma juicer that I got at our engagement party and put that bad boy to use!

Now put one cup of sugar in the bottle (after it’s been washed in hot soapy water!)

Then add one part lemon juice to six parts water. Shake vigorously! :)

Add a super cute tag and voila! These are not the official tags we’ll be using at the workshop because those won’t be done until tomorrow, but I think these were pretty cute in a pinch!

And if you think that was sweet, just wait til you see this sneak peek from Aimee & Seth’s wedding last weekend during the first look. When Seth turned around and saw Aimee, there were more than a few tears rolling. From all of us!

Stay tuned later today for our DIY mint juleps! YUM!

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  1. Emily

    Mmmmm lemonade!! I just love your new kitchen, and that wedding image is SO SWEET!

  2. Terra Dawn

    All so sweet!!! I LOVE that first look shot! I can’t wait to see more!!

  3. Meredith Perdue

    Definitely pumped about seeing images from the workshop and this awesome first look!

  4. Nithya

    Absolutely gorgeous picture of the "first look" – you’ve captured the emotions of the moment perfectly!! (and also, now i’m craving some lemonade!)

  5. Deyla Huss Photography

    Yeah!!! U got em!! SO fun! Makes me thirsty :)

  6. Vanessa Price

    I love the lemonade idea! I see that there is fresh mint in one of the pictures. Did you use it in some way?

  7. Lydia

    Such a cute first look, and I love those bottles! Might have to pick one up this week!

  8. Christa

    I LOVE that you put "when life gives you lemons" on the tags!!!!!! :)

  9. Ray

    I’m loving that Williams Sonoma juicer. Very fancy kitchen appliance there! =P And that first look photo is GORGEOUS! So in the moment and a photo to be treasured forever.

  10. Samantha Gale

    Loving the DIY series, you make everyday look sooo pretty!!!

  11. elizabeth Pellette

    wonderful… :P

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