January 13, 2010

Old Friends, New Places

While we’re finishing up Part II of Sarah & John (coming at you later today!), I thought I’d show you some of the fun we got up to yesterday. First a group of us got together & hit up the Macaroni Grill for some carbo-loaded goodness. I mean honestly, is there any other kind?

Just look at this band of misfits! :) The Lovely Miss Sarah Harper, Shyla-la-la, J&M, DJ, LianaBanana, Twitterless JuliaG and the one and only Sarah Barlow leading the pack!

Mmmmmmmm Shrimp Porto-FIN-ohhhhh!

After a nice long lunch, we waddled our way to Sarah’s place where THIS is her view. Yea, she’s 22. :) I think I was living in a shoe box when I was 22. Of course, that might be BECAUSE I bought all those shoes, but I digress.

We got to hang out for a bit, while Sarah entertained us with that wonderful laugh (oh how I MISS that laugh!) and Shyla played us some guitar. Look how professional she looks! She just picked it up last week.

As you can see, Nashville is starting to feel a lot like home.

Stay tuned for Sarah & John Part II, coming at you soon!

  1. Sarah M

    What a good looking group of people!

  2. caroline

    If Julia ever does get a twitter account, she’ll have to be @TwitterlessJuliaG so we know who it is!

  3. tiffany zajas

    I love that you’re loving Nashville so much! Really looking forward to Spread the Love tomorrow. :)

  4. feuza

    how I miss Sarah and her laugh ,it is contagious, such joy and miss that apartment and her view, all of it~ so glad you you guys were in Nash, it is a magical place

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