November 1, 2010

Old Lyme Beach Club Wedding: Haley & Dave (Part I)

Good morning!

Today is a day where I will be sitting at my desk going toe to toe with my to-do list until one of us falls over. (Spoiler alert: that will NOT be me!) But don’t you worry, I will have The Office, Seasons 1-6 to keep me company! I know a lot of us out there are in crunch time, getting everything caught up and ready to go before the holidays and I just want you to know you are not alone! Justin, Julia & I are cranking out the work like nobody’s business right there alongside you. And I know that we shall all overcome. Together. :) In the mean time, when you need a break to look at happy, pretty things feel free to hop on over here. Because we are going to be posting a flurry of weddings and engagement shoots full of happy, pretty people… Haley & Dave!

Haley & Dave were married on a day of pure warmth & light. Where the wind took turns dancing in the wheat and swirling through Haley’s golden hair. A day of sea air and salt water taffy. Of bow ties and J.Crew cardigans. Of navy blazers and green striped ties. And boy meets girl, boy marries girl all wrapped up in one.

Married: Haley & Dave

You all know how this goes by now. Let’s start with the shoes! And Oh Lordy Day were they SOME shoes! But they’re from J.Crew so was there ever any doubt?!

Green & Navy continue to be one of my all time FAVORITE New England wedding color combos! SO classic.

A lil’ Kate Spade in the house, along with those BEAUTIFUL blooms courtesy of none other than Miss Yumiko Fletcher of Hana Floral Design . Yumiko you are a genius! Love, love, love!!

I was in LOVE with Haley’s dress…the lace was incredible!


Dave races sailboats so this nautical theme fit him to a tee!

How awesome are those ties?! Also JCrew!

Meanwhile, the final preparations were being made and it was time for the dress!

Here we go!

Gah! HALEY! It just isn’t fair for one person to be this perfect. Seriously.


Then it was time to get our church on, where there were loads of adorable little details. :)

This flower girl was the BOMB!!

And the ring bearers are going down in history as some of the cutest ring bearers. Ever.

It’s go time!


The church was INSANELY beautiful!

Love this little look Julia grabbed.


Mr & Mrs!!

Then it was time to head over to the Old Lyme Beach Club for pictures and partying! SOO much more coming in Part II….stay tuned!


  1. Melissa

    Holy Moly…Georgeous!!!! You guys seriously ROCK! :)

  2. Caitlin

    ooooh I’ve been waiting for this one ever since the gorgeous sneak peak! Absolutely stunning, love the looks between them in the church and that dress!

  3. Chelsea McGowan

    BAHA! You said, "got our church on". Man, I love you. :)
    These pictures are really incredible. When I started following you, like 2 years ago, I would have thought you couldn’t get any better. I was wrong. This season, you’ve really batted everything out of the park.

  4. Sam Bininger

    These photos are amazing!!! Haley just looks stunning and it makes me miss the day so much! I can not wait to see Part II

  5. Rachel

    Such a beautiful wedding, these pictures really showcase that. Hope you and Dave are extremely happy. <3 Rachel

  6. Erin Buckley

    BEEEEEEE-AU-TI-FUL Haley! Oh and Dave, you’re pretty too! xo Love ya guys!

  7. Nikki Hutchison

    Absolutely amazing! Both Haley and Dave are not only beautiful people on the outside…but on the inside as well. So great to finally see your beautiful pics…

  8. Liza

    I LOVE THESE PICTURES!!!!!!!! What an amazing day I can’t wait to see the rest of them <3

  9. tenley

    I’m with Sam..these pictures are simply stunning. Haley & Dave are just perfect together and the photos certainly capture that. Can we do it all over again?? Such a fun, loving, wonderful day!!!! Mary…how do we order photos? Can I pick a few (once they are all up) and email you?

  10. Bud

    These photos are great…but there seem to be a lot of Haley and Dave!

  11. Kaitlin

    WOW! Haley and Dave are perfect for each other… the pictures say it all :) Just beautiful.

  12. Lindsay

    These pictures are so beautiful!! You guys are so perfect :)

  13. KP

    Stunning Pics, can’t wait to see part II.

  14. Ann Marie

    Amazing Photos!! Such a beautiful day and great wedding! Lots of fun and just the beginning. Congratulations guys!!!

  15. John Bininger

    What wonderful pictures. Who are all those beautiful people?

  16. Lydia

    Her dress and shoes are amazing!

  17. Kathy & John

    Awesome pics. Great detail and creative flair, not to mention beautiful subjects!

  18. Charlene Calvert Pinkowski

    What a beautiful couple!!! What a beautiful church and that congrgation of guests and family…the whole thing is glorious. And that wedding dress…exquisite. The flower girl is gorgeous and the ring bearers just as handsome as can be!

  19. Lynda Greene

    What a beautiful reflection of a beautiful day and a stunning couple! Your happiness was contagious and it felt wonderful to share in your joy! Love Lynda

  20. Wendy

    So beautiful!!!!

  21. Dave's Mom, Beth

    Super pix! Mary, Justin and Julia, you’ve caught the essence! Great Job! Terrific details and moments.
    Dave and Haley- you’re beautiful! (of course)

  22. Ginny Holt

    Beautiful photos! I especially love the one of dave looking at haley across the church.

  23. Sharon Echtman

    The photos are stunning and bring out the beauty of the people and the occasion.

  24. theresa dee

    beautiful day beautiful people beautiful wedding beautiful pictures !!!!!!

  25. Carolyn Anderson

    Could not be beat. I loved sharing in this exquisite day!

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