April 7, 2009

On jeans & dresses and all the important things

It was the kind of day where you just wake up rattled. Disheveled, really. You trip over last night’s high heel getting out of bed and nearly fall into the closet as you hop around on one foot, writhing in pain. A stack of last seasons sweaters comes crashing down on you from the shelf above, and you silently curse high heels and whoever the genius was that invented them. You nurse your throbbing foot and contemplate crawling back into bed. But that would just mean crossing the land mine that has become your floor again. And let’s be honest, you’re not really sure you would make it back alive.

So you rally with all the grace and humor you can muster, and pull yourself up by the bootstraps just in time to burn your hand chasing after a squalling tea pot. You scream out loud in the same D-Day invasion air-raid pitch as your Chantal kettle, and quickly drop it back on the burner sending scalding hot water crashing all around you. You sigh, look around you in disbelief to see if anyone else has seen what has just happened to you, and push the hair back from your face. You pick your tea bag up off the ground and throw it in a mug, along with the last few remaining drops of hot water.

This is going to be a good day.

It was the kind of day where you just stay rattled. Disheveled really. The kind of day where you show up in jeans when the rest of the world agreed to wear dresses. You trip over yourself getting out of the car and nearly fall over when you see what everyone else is wearing. A stack of dresses that you could’ve worn comes crashing down on you, as you silently curse high heels and whoever the genius was that created them. You nurse your throbbing ego and contemplate hiding in the bathroom all night. But that would just be silly. And let’s be honest…you’ve had more than your fair share of silly today.

So you rally with all the grace and humor you can muster, and pull yourself up by the bootstraps just in time to hear the welcome speaker. He approaches the vintage condenser microphone and gently begins to speak of charity and of kindness, of doing what’s right just because you know that it is, and of what really matters. He speaks of children’s hospitals, illness and struggle. And the need to let kids have a chance to just be kids. And suddenly, the silliness of the whole day comes crashing down on you. You sigh, look around in disbelief to see if anyone else has seen what has just happened to you, and push the tears back from your face. And now you know….

This IS going to be a good day.

Recently Justin & I had the chance to attend a wine tasting fundraiser event for the foundation of one of our amazing new clients. Dan is actually a quarterback in the NFL and so he started this foundation a few years ago to benefit the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. Currently they are working on raising $400k to build a play area in the hospital.

A place where kids can just be kids.

When Dan took the microphone and began explaining his vision for the kids, I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house. My weary ones included.

Steve D’Agostino and his band were awesome and totally channeled Frank Sinatra.

There was both a live and silent auction…

with TONS of cool stuff!

Dan and some of the board members, who also played college ball with him at UCONN. I would’ve brought up how I was actually a huge WVU fan….but y’know they were some pretty big guys. :)

Dan and his beautiful Tiffany….how GORGEOUS of a bride is she going to be?! We can’t wait to shoot their wedding this July!!

One of my favorite parts of the night: they had a artist there doing caricatures of all the guests!

Whattya think….pretty good, right?! That’s me & Joey in the front with our wine and Justin in the back with his camera.

Dan & Tiffany, we had an AWESOME time! Thank you so much for the food, the wine….and most importantly, the perspective.

So much love

  1. cassandra m

    WOW, what an amazing benefit. You guys are always on top of the charity world…may your kindness come back 1000 times over. And your story Mary had me laughing so hard. Glad other people have those days…lol. Love the caricatures. too cute.

  2. Amanda Donaho

    Very cool! Great shots & what an awesome cause!

    *PS, thanks for the blog comment!*

  3. marsha

    lol! i love your writing style! you totally had me laughing and relating! ;)

  4. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    Never a dull entry on this blog! LOL! Great story. I’ve had many days like that and always love that beautifully humbling moment where I realize that my frustration is petty in the grand scheme of it all.

    Great images from the event!

  5. Mandy Sroka

    such a sweet idea…great event and great shots! We loved the play area when our littlest one was in the hospital.

  6. Jen

    awesome story! and awesome event!!

  7. Lindsay Ernst

    What a great event!! Looks like a lot of fun for a great cause!

  8. eric langlois

    awesome work guys – get ready to submit this couples’ images to every publication out there…..they’re GORGEOUS!

  9. Suzi / TSL Photography

    Mary, as you’ve been told before, probably in every blog post you’ve ever written, and every term paper you’ve gotten back from your professors, and every writing assignment you had in gradeschool, you have such a way with words and are an incredibly gifted person. It’s nice to get a slap back into reality once in a while and focus on what’s really going on outside of our quaint, little lives. Thinking about all of the sick children in hospitals and all of those who are less fortunate than us reminds me that there is so much more we can be doing to make the world a better place if we all just remember to give back. You guys are awesome!

  10. rachel darley

    I am completely captured by your genuine words … like light that cannot escape a black hole, i cannot escape your words. They pull me in, and I can’t help but fall into them. The things you both are involved in are such inspirations!

  11. Mary Marantz

    @ Rachel & Suzi: seriously, thank you guys SO much! It can be really scary for me to put my writing out there, so I can’t tell you how much your super nice comments mean to me!! Have a GREAT day!! Cause you just made mine! :)

  12. I really like your blog… I love the photos on this entry, black and white, and even void of color, you can feel the importance of the day… even more so…

    And the entry just made me think of a whole lot of stuff. In a good way. I don’t know… I am rambling… so I will go now… Good stuff!

  13. jeramy

    ok….tiffany is to cute for words. geez! sharon and i went to a wedding recently that had an artist like that….i thought it was the coolest idea. we still have our drawing. great shots.

  14. Cristen (Autumn Olive Photography)

    It looked like you all had so much fun!! The images look great!!! I love the drawing!! :)

  15. Lindsay Kipp Photography

    These are fantastic and I am in aww of your writing skills! (by the way can I buy the off of you – I am a horrible writer) I wanted to stop by and say thank you for the sweet comments you have left on my blog and I also wanted to say that I love your website and style. You are very talented! I hope you have a fantastic day! and I love the caricatures!

  16. Lesley

    Sounds like a fantastic evening to put everything into perspective! :)

  17. Ray

    That was a nice story. And I love your caricature. Too cute. ;o)

  18. Dominoe Imus

    Aww, the story was sad, but so true. And the truth is, how horrible can our days be compared to some of the others who have it much worse. Thanks for sharing!

  19. The apprentice

    What a wonderful benefit! It looks like a beautiful day filled with beautiful people! Thank you for sharing!

  20. Katie Jo

    So beautifully written…and so very true.

  21. Stephanie Stewart

    What a cool event! I love to hear about when sports figures and Hollywood stars really want to give back and make a difference. Great stuff. Can’t wait to see their wedding pics, they will be fabulous!

  22. imthiaz houseman

    what a cool event and its beautifully written!

  23. Heather

    What a cool event! Great Shots!

  24. Lydia

    How awesome that you got to photograph the event. My cousin has spent a big part of her short life in hospitals. Anything to help them feel more comfortable is truly appreciated!

  25. Robin Dini

    I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Steve perform at a wedding I shot with Jerome a few years back…he really is amazing!

  26. Dan Orlovsky

    WOW..I don’t get emotional too often, but reading this with the pictures puts me to the test. I guess we picked the right photographers for our wedding. Thank you for the kind words, but not only letting them be words, but living what you say. God Bless, see yall soon!

    Ps…WVU? ew

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