July 27, 2016

On Perfection & Permission

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When it comes to moving forward, I think all big dreamers & business owners have to deal with the two most dreaded “P’s” that will lie to you and try to keep you stuck right where you are: Perfection & Permission.

Perfection will lie to you and tell you are too flawed, too less than, too not put together enough, too damn unpretty to have a voice. Perfection is a liar. The world NEEDS you out there doing your thing, imperfect and messy as you are. Because the truth is, perfect never changed any lives. Perfect doesn’t know a thing about vulnerability and empathy and coming alongside people to say “hey, me too” Perfect has never had to struggle, never had to fight for it, never had to dig in and grow some roots. Perfection never had to work hard a day in its life. And so perfection gets knocked over at the first storm that comes along. Perfection is not an advantage friends, not something to be strived for. Perfection is a myth. Imperfect, intentional, terrified but still going for it steps forward…that’s all this dream of yours ever asked you for.

And then there’s permission. This idea that there will come a point when someone will come along and say now, NOW you’re good enough to chase those dreams. That you’ve officially arrived at the “there” in there yet and now you get to step out and shine. We’re waiting on a permission from others that never comes and a destination that just doesn’t exist. When all along WE needed to be that permission for ourselves. We need to be the ones to look at ourselves, grab ourselves up by the collars and lean in real close to say “what are you WAITING for?” We have to GO. We have to leave. We have to decide that we can’t stay here. We have to remind ourselves that this life is just far too short to let someone else tell us when it’s time.

And years from now when they ask us “how did you know it was time to leap?”, we’ll smile when we say we didn’t…we grew some wings and decided it was our turn to FLY.

Go rock it out friends!

  1. Michele

    I feel like any time I need a little inspiration, I can come to your blog and find it. Thanks, Mary!

  2. Joseph Barber

    Perfection exposed. Thank you!

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