May 11, 2009

On the Flip Side

If you’ve been following us on twitter (HERE and HERE), you saw that we headed up on Saturday to do an engagement shoot in a scraggly old apple orchard outside of Boston. Well, it just so turns out that our bride is a pretty rockin’ photographer herself and she caught some killer shots of us in action….

including Justin’s super secret weapon. The very rarely seen and totally intimidating…BLUE STEEL! Oh yea, baby!

PS: we don’t normally shoot this close together. the shot on the left was a joke, as I was “uncle bob-ing” Justin.

That’s what she said! (oooh that one was for you Irena & Danny!!)

All photo credits go to the uber-fabulous Irena Pereira!!

  1. maggie

    everywhere you go…everything you see becomes magical. Seeing the world through your eyes is a gift to us all.

  2. Amanda Herzberger

    These are so great – and Justin’s blue steel IS pretty intimidating :)

  3. irena

    We had a blast with you two. There’s something to be said for photo sessions feeling more like "hanging out" than actual work. You guys are fantastic to work with. Can’t wait to do it again this weekend. :):):):):):)

  4. robert Norman

    …are you SURE Justin just isn’t constipated?

  5. Justin Marantz

    LOL, Robert Norman! You have absolutely no filter!

  6. Ray

    I like the first photo of you two with identical photographer poses. Cute. ;o)

  7. Derek

    But Blue Steel isn’t ready yet! Can you turn left??

  8. Val McCormick

    Love "The Stance" uncle Bobing shot? I’ve got a few other names for that one! ;-)
    Oh, Mr. Norman……no comment, LOL.

  9. Robert J. Trenske

    Haha I love these shots, so much fun!!

  10. Feuza

    Luv the Justin POse, hysterical

  11. The Apprentice ;)

    NO FAIR… you’re not allowed to have that much fun at work!! You’re making me jealous :)

  12. Cheryl Cronin

    OMG I love the blue steel shot of Justin!!! but now that I’ve seen Robert Normans comment….ooohhhh Justin.

  13. Ewan Phelan

    I think that it my favourite photo of Justin by far. You should throw out all other photos of you and only keep this one.

  14. Helen

    Ha! This is cool!

    Thank you for the new comment, its very exciting that an actual professional likes a photo i took! Woop!

    You must be spoilt for locations living in New England, i’m jealous! I might be going to Endicott near Boston in August, i’ll have a week to kill while my bf goes to the Endicott Gulls football training camp – any recommendations of super places to visit? xx

  15. Stephanie

    Your work and site is AMAZING!! WoW! Thanks for the comment on my blog as well. It’s fun to ‘meet’ new photographers. :D I’ll be checking back often. :D

  16. Liang

    thanks for checking out my blog. your images are fantastic too, very nice to visit upon your site too! =D

  17. Stephanie Stewart

    Great action shots of you two!
    Love the "uncle-bobbing" term, I am LOL!

  18. Nicole

    Ok. Justin’s Blue Steel face is craking me up!

  19. imthiaz houseman

    OMG! that’s hilarious "the uncle bob"

  20. erin harvey

    I don’t get this one, but all "that’s what she said" jokes are great. =) The best ones are the unexpected ones. Thanks for adding them in!

  21. MM

    @Erin: LOL! It was in reference to me "uncle-bobbing" Justin. Just seemed like a that’s what she said moment!

  22. Shannon

    That is hands down the sexiest blue steel I have EVER seen!!! lol :) You guys rock!

  23. Zach & Jody Gray

    Oh how we miss Blue Steel…

  24. Yuka photo art

    You are lucky to have such a innovative bride, she took a great pictures of you guys!

  25. Dustin Francis

    I challenge Justin to a Blue Steel face off!

  26. Justin Marantz

    @Dennis: LOL! Ah yes, but can you turn left!

  27. claire

    I hear this post…it’s laugh-out-loud funny!
    ahhh ‘uncle bobbing’
    I hear you two!

  28. claire

    it’s suppose to say ‘i heart this post!"

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