June 28, 2011

On the Job: A Lot.

Happy Tuesday!

Well, as y’all can see….we have been busy! And this past weekend we were on the job….a LOT! So while we recover a little more from that and get ready for our Walk Through 2.0 tomorrow, we thought we’d share a little behind the scenes look at team J&M in action. I mean c’mon, just look at all those sassy shooting stances. And just in case you’re wondering, we really do look this cool in person. I swear. :)


  1. jil

    Mary you look seriously fierce in that pic … with legs that dont quit!

  2. sharon

    definitely look that cool in person! =)

  3. ronnie

    Ohh! How do you look so good on the job? Seriously? If you do a blog post I will both read and share! After shooting Saturdays’ wedding, I looked like I had just worked out! Thanks!

  4. Evie Perez

    Ooooh what a feeling! Sorry I just felt like saying that. I don’t know wht to say about you two. You both just keep on going. That is why you are good at what you do, your passion drives you both!

  5. MM

    Thanks Evie!! :) And Julia was right there with us for every one, so it drives her too! :)

  6. Ashley Barnett

    Oh you guys definitely look that cool in real life – I’ve seen it! ;) You look way cooler than me when I shoot… I somehow end up looking like I’m 4 months pregnant. Super attractive!! Good luck tomorrow for 2.0!!

  7. Sarah Danaher

    how on EARTH do you shoot in those shoes??!?!?!

  8. MM

    @Sarah: LOL! I’ve built up a tolerance over time! :)

  9. Jackie Lamas

    you guys are rocking it!

  10. Ben Sassani

    I looked at the pictures first, saw what appears to be a 200 f/2, then I just stopped reading.


  11. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    Mary, you’re a super skinny minnie!!!! how do you shoot in heels all day?

  12. Susan

    You guys look fabulous! Especially in that first photo, Mary – WOW!

  13. Katelyn James

    M, I’m jealous of your legs!! :) You look good girlfriend!!!

  14. Katie Jordan

    Your legs go on forever! Work it!

  15. stephanie bachle

    Look at that tall drink of water there at the top!

  16. Julia R

    You DO look that cool in person!

  17. Heather Corporan

    SUPA-STARS . . .all.the.way!! Mary Mary, no words girl!

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