October 5, 2011

On the Job: Loss & Love

Yesterday our bride Lara tagged us in this picture on Facebook. And….I adore it.

Because it’s a picture of standing beside each other. Of feeling loss, but focusing more on love. Of finding strength you didn’t know you had. And holding on with both hands. Of joy in the unexpected. Moments that don’t go unnoticed. And friendship through the fire. This is a picture of what I get to call my job. With clients I am so happy to call my friends.

And that right there, pretty much makes me the luckiest girl on the planet.

  1. Lara

    Oh Mary…you really did have such strength and grace that day. Peter & I were glad to have you by our side to share in such an emotional day for all of us. We’re so glad to call you all friends!

  2. rich

    =) – priceless photo!

  3. Corinna Hoffman

    Beautiful couple with awesome photographers :)

  4. maggieb

    Wonderful…waiting for sneak peak!!!

  5. Caitlin

    This is beautiful Mary. I’m so glad that you have wonderful clients/friends who helped you through your loss at their wedding since we are still so thankful that you were our vendor/friends who helped us through our loss at our wedding. It’s amazing how joy and love and sorrow can room together in one space, grateful that you always remind us of that here. Sending hugs.

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