June 29, 2016

One Simple Way to Add More “YOU” to Your Blog!!


One of the things that comes up over & over again when we talk about “Connection Marketing” in our workshops, is the question of how to get more comfortable sharing YOU on your blog & on social media. As photographers, it can be SO easy to hide behind not only photos of other people, but behind their stories as well. It’s so much easier to share someone else’s love story, quirks, and their moments in between than it is to share our own. Yet if we want couples who want US in particular, then we have to be willing to share the particulars that make us US!

Ok, so you agree that it’s important. You know that you want to share more YOU in your brand & online presence…but where do you even start? When you’ve NEVER really put anything about yourself out there before, how do you flip that switch and say “ok, we’re doing this…here’s more of me!” It can be scary! It can feel like “who is ever going to care about this?” It can feel strange to talk about yourself. And yet, those become some of our most popular posts because people are LOOKING for connection! And the more we share of us, the more that connection happens. So what’s the answer? What is One Simple Way to Add More “YOU” to Your Blog? In our experience, one of the easiest ways to get started sharing more about yourself is simply to do it in list form. Write a Top 10 list of your life right now. Or the Top 10 things people might not know about you. Or your Top 10 favorite movies. Or your Top 10 places you want to travel. The options are endless. They don’t require you to write a lot or get deep right away. And they provide a ton of possibilities for people to connect with you!

So let’s try that as an experiment today! We have been so lucky to travel to SOOO many amazing places with this “job.” But we still have a bunch on our bucket list! So today, I’m going to list out the Top 10 Places that we’ve never been & want to travel to next…and let’s see if any of them connect with any of YOU guys! Here they are!

*Ever since we wanted to go there on our honeymoon & couldn’t swing it, I have been DYING to go to Bora Bora.
*I would LOVE to see the coast of New Zealand (and of course drink some of their fabulous Sauv Blanc! Kim Crawford anyone??)
*Being that my family is originally from there, I would love to drive around Ireland and especially see the Cliffs of Moher.
*I would LOVE to take my dad (the logger) to see the giant redwoods of California.
*I want to stand in a river in Glacier Park, Montana and channel my own “A River Runs Through It” moment
*I want to walk the palace at Versailles. I’ve been to Paris a couple times, but never made it out there.
*I want to sit in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland and see the Northern Lights.
*I’d just really like to take a chill vacation to BVI or the US Virgin Islands or Aruba
*We really want to go whale watching & kayaking in Alaska
*And finally, the moon….because that’s TOTALLY going to happen in our lifetime, I just know it! :)

So there you go…easy!! What are 10 quick things you could share with YOUR tribe today?? And tell me in the comments below if you saw any of the places that YOU want to travel to next as well!


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  1. Ashley Durham

    The redwoods in NorCal are majestic!!!

  2. Lauren Nygard

    I’m with you about Versailles! I wasn’t able to make it out there when I was in Paris back in 2004. Guess we gotta go back! ;)

  3. Spring

    I’m with you on about 90% of these- I’ve actually been to Versailles and i was underwhelmed… :(

  4. Rebecca

    Double love this post 1) because I struggle with how to put more of myself out while still being professional and 2) because one of the destinations on you list matches my own…Ireland.

    We will be heading there for our honeymoon finally next October as we celebrate our third anniversary.

  5. Kelasia

    I’m with you on wanting to go to Ireland! My dad’s side of the family is part Irish and French so of course I want to go to France as well. Oooh and the Northern Lights, they are just so pretty on screen but I definitely want to see them live. I wanted to thank the both you for just being yourselves and going against the flow. I’ve definitely learned a lot and I know I’ll continue to learn more.

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