October 12, 2008

One year ago today…

He drinks orange juice with his chocolate cake. Orange juice. As in… the juice from an orange. From the bottle. Simply Orange. Country Stand. Pulp free.

Orange juice.

And chocolate.

It baffles me. Confuses me. What would the “Got Milk?” people say, for heaven’s sake. And yet, it’s just one of a million small little, barely noticed, what’s it matter, who’s to say, out of the ordinary, extra-ordinary nothings that make our marriage what it is. He pushes me with his orange juice and chocolate cake. Challenges me. To see the world differently. For all that it could be and never what it’s supposed to be.

And I owe my life to that.

This life that we’ve built. This world that we’ve created, where he & I alone reside. A world of soft pillows and soft places to land. Of blankets pulled up all the way over our heads and “no one will ever find us in here.” A world of doing what you love and being what you love because it’s what you *could* be and not what you’re supposed to be. Of being challenged. Of seeing the world differently. Yea… I owe my life to that.

One year ago today, we stood together in front of our friends & family and promised forever. And when it came time to celebrate…you can bet the cake was chocolate. And everything that that has come to stand for.

Happy Anniversary J!! You are my strength, my love, my confidant, my best friend. And as always…the rice in my gumbo!! Being married to you has been the best thing that I’ve ever done. I love you so much!


This is one of Becker’s shots of our wedding cake. The bottom layer has pictures from our grandparents’ weddings, then J’s parents, my parents, and the top is one of our engagement pictures from the amazing David Jay.

  1. erica sergio

    congratulations you guys!!

  2. Joy Moody

    Happy Anniversary you guys!

  3. Chantal Stone

    Happy Anniversary!!

  4. DJ

    Love you guys!

  5. Val McCormick Photography

    Happy Anniversary Guys. I wish you MANY, MANY more.

    Love ya lots,
    Val :-)

  6. Scarlett Lillian

    Gosh, you always make me teary eyed! LOVE the idea of the photos on the cake of the generations that led to your love!

  7. Melanie

    Have a wonder-filled anniversary!

  8. Jill Moler

    Congratulations J&M! I’ll eat a chocolate covered carmel in your honor :)

  9. millie holloman

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY you two! I can’t believe it has been a year already!

  10. Tina Parsdanov

    Happy Anniversary!!!!! God bless you both!

  11. carla ten eyck

    I have been wanting to call you two all day but feel like I would be interrupting….you guys eating cake or gumbo or something involving blankets!!

    Cuddle on, young lovers!!

  12. Pinky

    Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful post and CAKE!

  13. Talia

    Happy Anniversary Justin and Mary! What a sweet post!

  14. laurie Crutchfield

    happy anniversary you guys!! I am so glad I met you two, you both are so amazing! xxooxxoo

  15. Jo

    Wow! congrats! I just happened to be back this way and to my surprise I landed on this totally fabulous celebration of sheer joy- Happy anniversary!!! I hope you guys are doing something amazing. xoxo

  16. Nicole Zimmerman

    CONGRATS!!!! I was just talking to Phil the other day about your anniversary coming up and wanted to make sure I got on here and gave you a formal internet {HUG}. Your day was AMAZING and a party I will never forget. I am thrilled you have found someone that fufills you in every way. Everyone should be so lucky!

    Please drop me a line when you get a chance!! I don’t have your new email address. We need to catch up!

    Love ya babe!! You too Justin :)

  17. ericamay

    Big congratulations to you both! :) My husband and I were married the day after you (Sunday the 14th). Nice to know we were in good company with our wedding weekend choice. :) Have a wonderful start to your second year — and the many more after that!

  18. Brian Khang

    Happy Anniversary Guys!! Your the best.

  19. Krystal & Paul

    Happy 1st guys!!! What a wonderful post Mary…you guys are such are so right and perfect for each other. We’re looking forward being friends for many more anniversarys to come….in 50 years we’ll all be old & wrinkly and white haired thinking back to these good ole’ days! Here’s to many more years of beautiful memories to come! Love, Krystal & Paul

  20. Rob & Kathleen

    Happy One Year you two!! Hope you have a great time celebrating in the Berkshires.

  21. Danielle Fuller

    Awwww…congrats guys. Love the design idea behind this cake BTW!!!! Awesome!

  22. raw photo design

    very sweet! congrats!!

  23. robin dini

    happy anniversary! so? how did it taste? We never saved ours :) We ate it before we left for our honeymoon…ha ha! Can’t risk freezer burn!

  24. steve depino

    can’t believe its already been a year!!! Congratulations!

  25. Katie Jo

    I happen to LOVE orange juice and chocolate cake. It’s amazing! If he likes that, try baking a chocolate cake in a rectangular baking dish then pour the Jell-o cook and serve lemon pudding and pie filling over the top (while still in the pan =), it’s that same great citrus and chocolate decadence! Thanks for checking out my blog as well…

  26. Tracy

    Wow, what a neat idea for a cake!

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