December 1, 2014

Our 2014 Christmas Decor!!

One of my other favorite things about Thanksgiving weekend that has become a tradition over the past few years of my Dad coming up to visit, is that we spend those few days putting up the tree and all of the holiday decorations right away so that they are up for the longest amount of time leading up to Christmas. Truth be told, I would just leave the decorations up year round if I could, because there is nothing like sitting on our couch in the living room with twinkle lights everywhere. It just makes me HAPPY! But I’ll just have to settle for the day after Thanksgiving until as long as I can push it in January!

This year, we added quite a bit to our usual decorations so I thought I would give you guys a little tour of everything! First up are our new cable knit stockings we got this year with our names embroidered on them (they’re from RH baby & child). I LOVE them! They came in about a month ago and I have been dying to put them up ever since! We’re SO lucky to have this amazing huge stone fireplace that is original 1880s in our house (it even has a kettle hook!), and it’s just the kind of fireplace that deserves really fun stockings! :)

Going in closer to the mantle, we have a bunch of sparkly trees & the ones on the end light up which is fun! (gold spiral trees are from Pier 1, green sparkly trees are from Crate & Barrel, light up trees are from Home Goods).

Moving just to the right of the mantle, we have our “What’s Next” chalkboard set up that we took with us on every stop of our tour all across the country a couple of years ago. I LOVE having this board in our house after so many amazing dreams were written on it…I feel like it has really good vibes! :) On that we hung our new cable knit mitten garland (how cute are they?? Target!), mini trees & Let it Snow sign (all also from Target)

Right next to the chalkboard we have this cool old vintage desk we found when someone was giving it away years ago, and on that we have our Baby It’s Cold Outside sign (Home Goods) and this beautiful big ornament (a gift!)

We’ll head out the front door now & take a look outside. But only if Cooper can come with us! :) That sled you see in the background there was actually my dad’s when he was little. He had it cleaned up & a bow put on it for our front porch!

Justin & my dad trekked up into the woods to bring back some fresh greenery for me to decorate with! Bottom left is a vintage crate with firewood in it stuffed with evergreen. And on the right are our lanterns with berries & green in them (it’s crazy but those lanterns were brand new just a couple years ago…this is what the salt air does to everything metal around here!)

All of our windows have light up wreaths on them….we have this down to a science now & can put all them up in about 15 minutes!

Our front door has this big red berry wreath (I think this was Restoration Hardware about 5 years ago) and this year I added the “M”!

Ok, now we’ll head back inside to the kitchen! We have this very cool old wood table in there (that we found super cheap on Craigslist) and this year I really knew I wanted to do something with it. I knew it was all going to center around a wood box filled with greenery and gold ornaments, so I just started pulling stuff we have around the house and from the workshops and I’m so happy with how it turned out!

Gold berry wreath (from Target this year), mercury mason jars (Pottery Barn a few years back), Gold bow wreath (I have no idea! We’ve had it for years but I think it might be Pier One)

I really liked this part of the project! I took the mercury mason jars & wrapped them with one band of burlap ribbon (leftover from a workshop) and then tied on a piece of pine with twine. Then there is actually water & a floating candle inside. Dasher, Dancer, Prancer sign is from TJ Maxx!

Gold glitter ornaments are from Target!

Now this might be my favorite part of the whole thing! I had these gold candles left over from our Charleston workshop (got them at Joann Fabric) and I really wanted some birch wood candle stick holders to go with them. So Justin, being the amazing & resourceful guy that he is, broke out his saw and a specialty drill bit and made them for me!! Husband of the year award right there friends! :)

The little trees in burlap are from the Target dollar bin ($3). They were the find of the year!

Next up, our tree!! We have a light blue, silver, gold and dark gray theme going on our tree and I just love it! There is nothing like sitting by this tree at night and watching movies and drinking cocoa! But most of all, I love our hodge podge of ornaments that all have special meaning, like this little golden guy.

And finally, the view from outside!! Thanks for coming over to visit for a while! :)


  1. Urška Majer

    I loved this walk through your amazingly decorated house! I truly love it :) Feels like it’s straight from a fairytale :)

  2. Lou

    Love it!! Can you come and decorate our house please! xx

  3. Karena Dixon

    Everything looks so good!!! I especially love the shot of Cooper with his eyes closed. So sweet!

  4. Emilia Jane

    Looooove your exterior! So perfectly cozy :-D

  5. ashley mitchell

    We will be over in 10hours!!!! ;) It looks so warm and cozy and I’m SO HAPPY you guys are really getting to enjoy it this year!! <3

  6. Evie Perez

    Looks beautiful!!! So warm and inviting!!


    So beautiful. Can’t wait to see it in person in just TWO days :-D

  8. Mallory

    I LOVE all of your decorations!! Especially the gold decor and the mercury glasses :)

  9. Angie Candell Brandon

    This is just so picturesque! I feel like I need to do more decorating now. :)

  10. Margi Jakubowski

    I love everything you have done! We just decorated our tree tonight and hung the ornament you gave us. I loved it when we first got it and I love it now. Thinking of you and hoping you have a wonderful Christmas!

  11. Jennifer

    I love your Christmas decoration. My favorite is the Christmas tree ornament with your image :) And cooper just fits your styling perfectly.

  12. Jodi Standish

    Beautiful photos and Christmas Decor. So inviting!

  13. Elizabeth

    Awwwww so gorgeous I cannot wait to get my Christmas stuff out of the storage area and put it up!! Such inspiration.

  14. Christy Tyler

    Perfection!! Now, can you come decorate our place?! ;-) haha – seriously though. Also – those gold candlesticks are EVERYTHING! I must go to Joann fabric now!

  15. Rici

    This is just super amazing! You guys have it down!

  16. Kelly

    Absolutely beautiful!!

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