August 7, 2015

Our Anniversary Photos In Venice!!


One of the absolute highlights of our Italy trip was getting to do an anniversary shoot while we were in Venice with the wildly talented Nadia Meli! We have been Instagram admirers of Nadia’s work ever since we did our Germany tour a couple years back and we just adore her work! So we reached out to her to see if we could make a shoot happen while we were (sort of) closer to her. Nadia was amazing and drove the 7 hours down to Venice to make a total dream come true!

To make the shoot work in the (usually super busy & packed with tourists with selfie sticks) Venice….we had to make it a sunrise shoot. Which meant waking up at 4am (!!!) to get ready and then hiring a water taxi to drive us from our hotel on Lido over to Venice. Well when I say “water taxi” what it turned out to be was this gorgeous wooden boat….and I gotta tell you, coming in to venice at 5am on that boat with me in a dress & Justin in a tux…we felt totally James Bond about the situation!

Here are just a FEW of our many, many favorites! Nadia, I seriously will never be able to tell you what these mean to us….you captured the real us perfectly and we are in absolute head over in LOVE with every single one. These photos right here represent a dream come true!














































  1. Ashley Durham

    This is BEAUTIFUL!!!! AHHH! I want to pack my bags and go visit now!!!

  2. Elizabeth Langford

    Mary! These are stunning! They capture your love so beautifully. What an incredible treasure to have these to look back on. You are gorgeous and these are epic!

  3. Erika mills

    Mary these are MAGICAL!! Your dress, Justin’s suit, the light, it’s like you are the only two in this historic city. Love!

  4. Karena Dixon

    Oh I LOVE them!! The location…that dress…the twinkle in Justin’s eye when he’s looking at you…these are perfection!! I love Nadia’s work. She’s out done herself here.

  5. Lauren R Swann

    Oh my GOODNESS!! How could you even begin to pick favorites from this gorgeous shoot!! These are incredible, friends!! Y’all look just snazzy!!

  6. spring

    you two just fit right in- classic, iconic, gorgeous, all words for both J&M and for Italy. love.

  7. Rachel


  8. Janet

    Absolutely stunning. That dress is amazing on you and you can tell you felt beautiful in it. Great choice and lovely scenery. Amazing!!!

  9. Jillian Tree

    These are GORGEOUS!! I’ve been also admiring Nadia’s work for a while now…when I saw the sneak peek photo, I couldn’t wait to see the rest. How beautiful & romantic!! <3

  10. Amy

    Oh my–these are so beautiful!!! You guys are TOO CUTE and your love just shines. I have tried to find a photographer to shoot us in Europe…will have to check out Nadia for our next trip!

  11. Ashley B

    Can we please just for one second talk about YOUR DRESS!!!!??? It is stunning! Where is it from? These are all so beautiful. Great work Nadia!

  12. Nadia

    Oh Mary, Justin…it was such a joy and honor to capture your love!! I WILL NEVER FORGET THIS DAY!
    Thank you for your trust!!! Bear hug <3 Nadia

  13. Emily


  14. Jessica Frey

    Magical…to have St. Mark’s square to yourselves while birds flock around is perfection! Love seeing your love for one another in such a romantic city – you two look fantastic and I’m sure have memories to treasure for a lifetime!

  15. Katelyn james

    wowwwwww!!! This shoot was so classy and so YOU guys!!!!

  16. Eric Foley

    Great images! Wow that dress!!!

  17. Christene Logesky

    These are stunning you two! They represent your love and your brand so well! What an awesome gift these will be for years to come!

  18. Jaime Julius

    That dress! That tux! That location! That couple! Amazing :)

  19. Lori Calhoun

    These are absolutely beautiful Justin & Mary! Xoxo

  20. feuza

    Wow guys, I see why your few favorites were so many! what a treasure to have these images! gorgeous

  21. Kati

    These images are just so stunning and such a wonderful gift to treasure! Waking up at 4am was well worth it!! xx

  22. Lou

    wow! love these

  23. Gabrielle

    Unbelievably beautiful! I’m starting to look forward to your anniversary photos every year alone of my favorite shoots to see! You always pick such talented fellow photographers!

  24. Abby Grace

    Excuse my French, but DAYUM. You guys look incredible!! This is perfect!

  25. Jeremy Jackson

    Wow, you guys! It’s so fun seeing you in front of the camera instead of behind it. Y’all look fantastic and these images are so great!

  26. Meagan

    Simply stunning. The way you two look at one another (& how it was captured) is the stuff of fairytales.

  27. Tori Watson

    ohhhh man. these are GORGEOUS! and that dress, mary! so amazing. what an incredible session!

  28. Connie

    Absolutely beautiful and breath taking….

  29. Jacinthe Soulard

    I’m in absolute and total awe. People this talented… and people this good-looking… it’s almost unbelievable! To say that your anniversary shoot is going to be an inspiration for me would be an understatement! Nadia, you did an amazing job!!! J&M, your outfits, smiles, hairdo (Mary you did that yourself?!?), *everything* screams loveliness and beauty! Also… I wish someone could have documented that James Bond moment of yours. Must have been quite the sight!!

  30. Amy Demos

    These are so perfect!! Breathtaking, you guys!

  31. Jeffrey Shipley

    wow. wow. wow! these are just stunning. I love your dress and that tux + bowtie, Jusin?! Nailed it! Such a fun way to document your love and your trip! booooooom!

  32. Nikki Santerre

    These images are incredible! Absolutely stunning, and what a dream of a location. Sunrise was the perfect time for these portraits. Y’all look amazing!

  33. Sarah Houston

    Holy Wow!!!! These are seriously so so beautiful!!!!!these are absolutely so stunning…

  34. Hannah Hobbs

    AAAAHHHH! Gorgeousness!!

  35. Stephanie Stewart

    Mama Mia is right! Gorgeous, romantic perfection, just like the two of you! Beautiful in every way!

  36. Katie

    Oh my gosh.. not going to lie but these totally made me tear up. She captured you as I imagine you would have photographed yourselves.. if that was possible! So beautiful!!!

  37. tiffany bolk

    Lucky you’s! What a beautiful dress!

  38. Liz and Ryan

    These are Beautiful!!!! And you guys look AMAZING!!!! Xoxo!!

  39. Lisa Cour

    I started to look for a couple favorites, but then found that to be futile. They are ALL breathtaking! I love marriage…the has-stood-the-test-of-time kind and I love how genuinely you promote what a blessing it can be when two people are committed. Your beautiful hearts shine through each photo.

  40. Rici

    This MOST certainly looks a little JamesBond as well <3 Oh my word!!! Honestly! No words, super, incredible, over-the-moon, gorgeous images!!!! LOVE love love them. You both look soon beautiful. Greetings from a very smitten girl :*

    Nadja: hai veramente fotografato un sogno!!!

  41. Hannah Teague

    So gorg!! Absolute perfection!

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