November 1, 2010

Our First Halloween

I ran around lighting candles while Justin fiddled with computer cords. I rearranged our pumpkins and then re-rearranged them again. I changed my shirt three times and deliberated deeply on what socks I should wear. Because tonight? It MATTERED what I was wearing.

Because last night was our first Halloween in our new house. Oh sure we’d spent plenty of Halloweens together before, but not in *our* house. In *our* neighborhood. On *our* front porch. We had been looking forward to this since we had our offer accepted last May. Since we sat on the front steps last October while they ripped up the floors and talked about what it would be like to hand out candy there. Since I put out 37 miniature pumpkins this year and thought about putting out more.

It was our first Halloween in our home. And I wanted to take a million mental pictures so I would never forget. So you see, it mattered what I was wearing.

Incidentally, I settled on a grey & white striped nautical looking shirt and grey wool socks just about the time the first doorbell rang. I dunno, to me that said warm & cozy yet young & hip. :) Anyway as the doorbell rang a second time, I ran around the corner shouting for Justin to hurry up. Cause I’m pretty sure he was upstairs trying to figure out what to wear too. :)

We handed out TWENTY bags of candy in all, and at the end of the night we sat on our steps and smiled at each other.

And this house…it has never felt so much like home.

Soooo you’ve heard the rumors, you’ve seen the tweets. And I can now confirm what Justin & I were for Halloween. (We dressed up for a friend’s party on Saturday and then handed out candy last night). Drum roll please……….I was little Miss Taylor Swift and Justin was internet sensation, “Cigar Guy,” from that Tiger Woods picture. We had originally planned on being Facebook and Twitter (and together we’d be The Social Network) but as soon as Justin heard about Cigar Guy it was all over for that! :)

My costume was complete with an iPod down my dress playing the new Speak Now album! :)

So this being our first year in our new house, on our new street, in our new neighborhood we really wanted to represent. See our neighborhood takes Halloween very SERIOUSLY (there were no less than five haunted houses within a one block radius if that tells you anything)….and we wanted to come out swinging as the new cool kids on the block (y’know as opposed to the New Kids On The BLOCK…..NKOTB forever!) So the first thing we did was to make sure to buy the really cool candy: Reese’s, Almond Joy, Twix, Skittles, Kit Kats. There were no tooth brushes or apples over here, o-KAYYY?? But then right as it was getting dark, we started to panic that that wouldn’t be enough. That’s when Justin got the bright idea (courtesy of our friend Ann Nyberg!) to project scary movies in our picture window.

Well let’s just say, we were the hit of the neighborhood!! Boo- YAH! And we are already planning ways to step it up next year. :)

Hope you all had a FANTASTIC Halloween!

  1. Jennifer Eileen

    First off NKOTB forever! Secondly, brilliant idea with the movies being projected onto the window! It’s absolutely spooky and awesome.

  2. Spring

    LOVE the projected movie idea!!! Halloween is one of those few times a year when living in the middle of no where kinda sucks.

  3. Jim Altieri

    Nice touch with the movies…. Congrats on your first halloween :)

  4. Caitlin

    LOVE the images in the window! What an amazing idea. Congrats on your first halloween!

  5. Heather

    First off, the movie projecting in the window thing, I have never seen anyone do before, totally cool. Second, I wanted to share a highlight of our Halloween night. Since we have kids we couldn’t be the cool people handing out candy. We we were roaming the neighborhood trick or treating. All of a sudden there was Ghostbusters music. I got all spine tinglingly giddy and looked about, and then I saw it. Ecto 1. The car. Complete with flashing lights and costumed crew in the front seat, cruisin’ the neighborhood. Pure awesome!

  6. Lori Calhoun

    That just made me feel all warm and fuzzy! In a totally non-creepy way:).

  7. Amy

    Looks like you guys had all the Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
    Oh, oh, oh, oh
    Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
    The Right Stuff !

  8. MM

    @Amy: LOL! That is awesome!

  9. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    Love the costumes! You both always come up with something awesome! And the movie thing is too cool!!! You should just sit out there and actually watch movies like that! It would be so fun! It totally beats our little fog machine and strobe light, but this was the first year we had a lot of kids. Next year we’re going all out!

  10. Deyla Huss Photography

    So Awesome! You know it was our first Halloween in our home this year as well but with the caoss with our kids and getting them ready and out the door, I forgot to take ONE photo!! I say re-do!!

  11. feuza

    Taylor Swift, love it

  12. Alison

    We did the cart the kids to every known relatives house which involves no less than 30 miles, three cups of coffee and 19,000 photos of the kids (and not by me!) followed by dinner of PBJ an hour past bedtime. Yeah, I long for being the cool people handing out candy!!! Love the projection idea and the costumes rock!

  13. ajira

    Love this! I’ve been dying to celebrate Halloween properly but my husband is completely over it. Since he’s had his whole life to celebrate it and I haven’t, I suppose in some way it makes sense. LOL. Next year I’m doing it, with or without him!!

  14. Abby

    I completely get the pressure of being the NKOTB and wanting to make sure you don’t blow your first Halloween – so intense!! But I think you sealed the deal with the projected movies.

  15. Julia

    LOVE! :)

  16. Linda Kuo


  17. Meredith

    So, so awesome! You’ve inspired Michael & I to host movie nights in our backyard projected against the new studio building we just finished! And you totally knocked the socks off your first Halloween in the new house! Congratulations!

  18. Alice G Patterson

    Justin you make a hilarious is Cigar Guy, and Mary does Miss Swift proud! Also totally loving the scary movies in the windows… spooky!

  19. Brandi C

    That’s brilliant! Justin, I can’t believe you came up with that on the fly and had everything you needed to pull it off. You’re definately part of the cool kids!

  20. Evie Perez

    Ha Ha!!! I love this :) You two never have a dull moment. You two are just too freakin cute. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Kristin

    When I first started reading this post I was proud to see how into Halloween you two were getting. But the projected the old movies in the window… brilliant! You just won Halloween in my book.

  22. Lydia

    Hahaha, your costumes were perfect!

  23. Ann Nyberg

    Justin and Mary, the movies in your window looked so cool, nicely done for year number one in your new home. BRAVO!

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