July 5, 2016

Our 2016 Fourth of July Recap!!


Happy Tuesday!! I saw a post on Instagram that said “this feels like the Monday-est Tuesday ever!” And that made me laugh! It definitely is hard in some ways to come off a long weekend of having so much FUN and wrap your head around getting back to work. But in another way, after taking these past few days off, we are coming back so refreshed and re-focused and EXCITED to make BIG things happen! So while there might be an extra cup of coffee this morning while we’re getting back into the swing of things, I already know we’re going to make this week awesome! :)

But before we look ahead, we wanted to look back & re-live this amazing weekend just one more time! We had the BEST Fourth of July I think we’ve ever had, soaking in every minute! We kicked things off on Saturday with a trip out to Rhode Island to see Justin’s family, and go boating in the salt marshes with his parents, his cousin Tori, and her boyfriend Ryan. It was our first time meeting him & we LOVED him already! I wish I could describe just how BEAUTIFUL it is there! The bluest, bluest sky reflecting in this clear gorgeous warm water, with all these tiny private islands that you can row out to. And I was especially living the good life, because the amazing Justin did all the rowing in the kayak while he towed me around in a little raft behind him. Like I said on Snapchat…THIS is how I do boating! :)

After the salt marshes, we went and picked up all the things for a full picnic spread and then we all went to go watch Romeo & Juliet for Shakespeare in the Park in Mystic, CT. And I have to tell you, I LOVED every minute!! I have seen Romeo & Juliet a bunch of times, and it has never come alive for me like it did this time. The acting was just incredible & they paired all the scenes with modern music (like “Let’s make the most of tonight like we’re going to die young!” Ha!) And they did some really haunting things that I’ve never seen done before that just made the whole story so powerful. So awesome!

Sunday we just hung out at home by the water and also ran a few errands (like buying giant flamingo & swan floaties!!) to get ready for our party Monday. And then Monday was the big finale to the whole weekend! We had about 16 people over (most of them past #justinandmarybrides & grooms!) and we did a full on New England clam bake, played badminton (for the Townsend Cup!) and corn hole, hung out all afternoon on the porch, watched the most beautiful sunset, and then took in an INCREDIBLE fireworks show while Ray Charles’ “America” (from the Sandlot night game scene!) filled the air. That was a moment I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

Sitting there, surrounded by all these amazing couples we were there with on their wedding day… and their little ones that have come after, and being lucky enough to still call them friends. THAT is what legacy is about: when you tell someone’s story, only to realize that they have become such an important part of yours. Near the end of the night, our past bride Caitlin pulled me aside to tell me that they had been praying for my Dad daily since the moment they heard he wasn’t doing well. She said, “You guys need to know that you’ve built this community of people around you who love you & have your back. We’ve been praying for your Dad like that….because your people are our people.”

And when we realize that THIS kind of friendship & community all started from a wedding photography business….well, it makes it easy to be so, so GRATEFUL to get to go back to WORK on this Monday-est of Tuesdays ever!

Happy July 5th everyone!

Fourth_of_July_Justin_Mary_photo_003 Fourth_of_July_Justin_Mary_photo_004 Fourth_of_July_Justin_Mary_photo_005 Fourth_of_July_Justin_Mary_photo_006 Fourth_of_July_Justin_Mary_photo_007 Fourth_of_July_Justin_Mary_photo_008 Fourth_of_July_Justin_Mary_photo_009 Fourth_of_July_Justin_Mary_photo_010 Fourth_of_July_Justin_Mary_photo_011 Fourth_of_July_Justin_Mary_photo_012Fourth_of_July_Justin_Mary_photo_002

  1. Tori

    Aww YAY!!! We had SO much fun with you guys and we love you too!! Sending this link to Ryan right now :)

  2. sharon elizabeth

    so sweet!!! <3

  3. Spring

    I’m so glad Lydia and I made the trip down and were able to spend the best 4th of July ever with you guys!!! What a fun day full of the best people :) XOXO

  4. Alicia Sturdy

    AWWW…thinking back to last year and our grilled lobster experiment haha…those clams look YUM!!

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