August 20, 2015

Our Gorgeous New HH Boogie Box!!


Wow!! This is SO incredible! I think we first got to meet the amazing Ashley Kester of HH Boogie when we were out at a United Conference in Santa Barbara. Since then, I’ve gotten to know her better through the Pursuit Conference & on Instagram. And then in June when we were out in Columbus for our J&M Lighting Intensive, we got to grab a quick lunch with her before the workshop. Let me tell you, every time I spend time with this girl, I just end up LOVING her more!

Ashley just has the BIGGEST heart! She makes everyone around her feel loved and you just can’t spend time with her and not walk away feeling heard, cared for, and catch a dose of her amazing JOY! I SO wish she lived closer because I know we would be those talk for hours over coffee kind of friends! Well when we met up in June, she did the absolute nicest thing for us I could imagine! I have been drooling over the HH Boogie boxes ever since I first saw them, and she not only gave us one…she surprised us with an absolutely beautiful box with OUR logo already on it!! How incredible is that?! This is the gorgeous “Montana” box in the oil rubbed walnut and it is just so PERFECT for us, our brand, and our home….where it will definitely be on display in a place of honor for years & years to come!!

If you haven’t yet, do yourself a HUGE favor & check out these gorgeous boxes….they make the perfect client gift to deliver prints in! (PS: below you can see a few of our film prints from Italy!)










  1. Sarah Houston

    OH my gracious!!! THIS is stunning and SO J&M!! Now I want one!! Also your little square cards are oh-so cute! are they tiny prints?

  2. Suzanne Mellott

    Love, love, love HH Boogie! It’s what I present my clients with as well!

  3. Rici

    Oh my gosh! this is soon super gorgeous!!

  4. Morgan Leigh

    LOVE this!!! Ashley is the sweetest! And HH Boogie is so awesome! It’s so cool to see so many people using them!

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