February 5, 2015

Our New Packaging


We are so excited that some of our packaging for the new brand has started to come in! There are still a few more things we need to order, but so far we are loving how it’s turned out! Here are a few of my favorite things:

1) We decided to order 4 versions of our new business cards. We have a blush front, a white front, and two of the dark gray (one with the full logo & one with the crest). And then we actually did two runs of this, one with a pale blush back and one with the dark gray (his & hers!)….so I guess that actually makes 8 versions of our business card that we now have! Hey you gotta have options, right! :) We went with the square luxe cards from Moo and we really love the extra thick card stock & how they turned out!

2) Our boxes ….we are especially loving how crisp the white on gray logo turned out and the extra deep imprinting of the logo. And we are seriously just SO impressed with the quality from Design Aglow! So much so that we just put in an order for the 8×10 boxes too!

3) The velvet gray & blush ribbon from Minted. Velvet seemed like the perfect way to go for our new brand for some reason! And we do really love it. We will probably also add some silk-dyed ribbon into the mix as well. More on that to come!

4) And maybe my favorite of all! Our little, baby boutique bags also from Design Aglow. These things are adorable!! They are about as big as jewelry bag (think Tiffanys… I know I always do! :) and I have absolutely NO idea what we’ll put in them! But I LOVE them! So I’ll figure it out. We also have in an order for the larger boutique bags & can’t wait to share those when they come in!

xo M:)





  1. Vashti

    I am rebranding and I have been looking for places to start. I went back and forth on the square design and business card in general, but I love yours. It all looks so pretty.

  2. Abby Grace

    Shut. UP. These are absolutely gorgeous!! I haven’t given thought to my packaging since like… 2012, but this is definitely a kick in the pants. You guys did a great job on these! Makes me want to do another anniversary session just to get something in one of those boxes or bags :).

  3. Rachel Solomon

    Well done, you two! Well done, I say!

  4. Richelle

    HAHA omgosh Mary you are so cute. “…and I have absolutely NO idea what we’ll put in them! But I LOVE them!” Adorable, haha!

    SO many congrats, you two beautiful people! Everything is perfect!

  5. Jessica

    I vote sweet and treats from the meet and greet in those glorious goodie bags!! You guys seriously kicked some serious booty on this one. LOVE. IT.

  6. Arek

    This absolutely amazing!!!

  7. Josh

    Well, those are gorgeous! I love the feel of the new brand. So chic.

  8. Christy Tyler

    Soooo decadent!!! LOVING all of it, you two! XOXO

  9. Click Here

    Wow, it’s no wonder why you have so many individuals following you online.

  10. Michael and Carina

    These are awesome! Your clients must feel like they spent a cool million for this treatment! Great, because they deserve it!

  11. Adam Mason

    When I saw these I went “This is EXACTLY Justin & Mary’s clientele.” You hit the nail on the head. Great job guys!

  12. Lacoya

    LOVE!!!! Soooo upscale and classy and who doesn’t love the Moo Luxe cards??? Love everything and love you both!

  13. Stephanie Messick

    This is GORGEOUS!!!!! Loveeee the boxes and you are so right about the velvet ribbon! Perfect for your branding!

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