February 11, 2016

Our New Workshop Gifts!!


Well friends, we made it!! Two days, 24 hours of teaching, and one welcome dinner for our Feb Walk Through a Wedding are behind us & I can’t BELIEVE how fast it went! That’s probably because we had what was maybe one of my favorite groups EVER-they were all just so grateful & amazing & funny!!!-to keep us going strong. When people ask us what it’s like to teach & be on for two days straight like that, I always tell them to imagine a double header wedding hangover …times a hundred!! But even though we woke up exhausted & every part of us hurts right now….our hearts are SO full because we know we are doing what we were created to do. And when real life change happens over these two days, when not just businesses but legacies change, it makes every last bit of the tired worth it! 

One of the things we knew we wanted to add to our 2016 Walk Through a Wedding w/ J&M workshops was a new custom branded gift that a) was up to par & on point with our new brand and b) would be something that would make our attendees feel SO loved & would be something they could keep forever to remember our time together. We were SO lucky to be able to work with the incredible Jamie Kutchman of Marigold & Grey, and she absolutely knocked it out of the park! What she came up with for us was SO spot on…they are wooden crates with rope handles (to pay honor to our New England roots), a custom lettered notebook with one of our signature quotes from the workshop on it that reads “We are a generation of storytellers brought to a higher calling,” a rose gold trimmed box of chocolates, a gray pashmina scarf, a bottle of champagne, and a custom cookie with our new crest on it. And it’s all tied up with our signature blush ribbon and a custom lettered tag from Poppy & Scooter to commemorate which Walk Through they attended! We absolutely LOVE them & couldn’t be happier with how they turned out! So without further ado, here are some pictures of the whole gift together!










  1. Abby Grace

    Ooh I LOVE Marigold & Grey- her stuff is always the prettiest! I’ll bet your attendees loved these :).

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