July 18, 2016

Our Two-Night LIVE Event Kicks Off This Week!!

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Happy Monday you guys!! We drove back 11 straight hours from our Richmond trip yesterday to get home, so we can hit the ground running and get everything ready for our first ever J&M Two-Night LIVE Event!! (Ahhh!! We are SO excited! Click HERE  and HERE to register for both nights!! )

Everything kicks off this Wednesday with us broadcasting live from our living room to yours for two awesome nights of education! And did we mention that it’s all absolutely FREE!! On the first night we’ll be digging into a topic that we know almost every photographer struggles with: what to do when you HAVE to use a flash on a wedding day…and how to get rid of that “flashy” look once and for all & make it feel just like natural window light. And then on the second night, we’ll be bringing it back to talk posing and help you turn your stiff, static poses into real AUTHENTIC moments that show off who two people actually are. Together. If you love real moments and images that capture emotion, this is for you. If you are tired of getting home and looking at your portraits after a wedding or shoot, and feeling like they have no LIFE to them (that they are just pictures of poses), then we can definitely help with that!

Do any of these sound like you? If you are at a place in your business where you find yourself needing help with any of these things with your lighting , then THIS event is for you!!

*You love your natural light work and are known for your light & airy images, but (although you know how to use a speed light ) you have NO idea how to make your images match your style on those days where you are forced to use flash.

* You haven’t really used flash & the thought of all of your images turning out “flashy” when you do have to use one at a wedding keeps you up at night.

*When you find yourself in terribly lit/mixed light rooms you have no idea how to fix it other than spending hours in Lightroom trying to find a white balance that works.

*All of your flash images clearly look like a flash was used. They are flat and stark and you don’t know how to fix it. You feel like you keep missing moments because your flash has failed you.

*You’ve heard that lighting set ups need to be really complicated to work, and that you have to have up to 4 of them (one for each corner of the room) in order for it to work. And it would be a DREAM if someone could show you how to make one easy “30 second lighting set up” work in all of your images! (Everything we’re going to show your requires only ONE light).

Do any of these sound like you? AND, if you are at a place in your business where you find yourself needing help with any of these things with your posing , then THIS event is for you!!

*You often freeze up when it’s time to pose and your couple is looking to you for direction.

*You spend so much time getting the perfect pose, but then they just end up looking stiff and awkward together. You don’t know how to get them to loosen up.

*You want to capture images with emotion and movement and images that make people feel something, but you keep falling back into the routine of just walking every couple through the same set of 27 poses. And you feel like your images are missing something and keep falling flat.

*You have words like “authentic, honest, real, candid, genuine, true, emotion” in the way you describe how you WANT your work to look…and you’re wondering if there is a way you can “pose” people and not lose that.

*You want your couples to rave about you more after the shoots about the experience they had, not only with how comfortable you made them feel but how they actually felt even more in LOVE after the shoot with you.

If any of those sound like you, then we would LOVE to have you join us for this FREE Two-Night Live Event! Like we said, there is absolutely no cost to join & watch right in the comfort of your own living room. BUT we are limiting seats to make sure we don’t crash the server again like our last one did! And we are getting really close to being FULL!! We are crazy-excited (and just a little nervous!!) over here because we have NEVER done anything like this before (and don’t know if we ever will again!) So definitely don’t MISS joining us this time!

**So if you want to join us, be sure to grab your seat TODAY before they are gone!! 

Mark your calendar for July 20-21st both at 7pm, and then be sure to register for BOTH days! Like we said, it’s absolutely FREE to join us but you do need to register separately for each day! (And if you can only make one, that’s ok too) And then get ready to join us LIVE from our living room to yours, because we won’t be doing any replays on this one! Just click on the links below & you’ll be all set to register!


We can’t WAIT to see you there!

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    I have a toddler and that is right at bath/bedtime will there be a replay?

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