May 31, 2016

Our First Photos w/ Atticus!!

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Happy Tuesday friends!! We are getting back into the swing of things after my birthday trip to Nantucket and then the long Memorial Day weekend! But we wanted to kick off this week with an abundance of cuteness, thanks to our amazing friend Alicia Ann who came down right after we brought Atticus home to do a […]

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May 23, 2016

Life w/ J&M: Today is My Birthday!!

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Happy Monday friends! I know Mondays are not usually that happy, but for me this one definitely is and that’s because today is my BIRTHDAY!! We are really big on birthdays in the Marantz household & are all about celebrating them up right. So today we are off with some close friends for our annual […]

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May 19, 2016

Greenwich CT Engagement Shoot: Catherine & Michael


Ohhhh you guys!! This is a very good Thursday indeed & that’s because today I get to share what has quickly become one of our favorite engagement shoots of all time! We got together with Catherine & Michael to shoot their engagement shoot on a private beach in Greenwich…only on the way down, it was drizzling this awful […]

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May 18, 2016

Announcing: Grab Your Copy of The J&M Intro to Flash Course!!

Intro to Flash Cover - 1280w

**We are SO excited to announce that our Intro to Flash Course recording is now available in our J&M Store!! I think one of the most amazing things about building our tribe has been the chance to TALK to people and really hear what they need help with most! And one of the things that we […]

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