May 15, 2013

Pain-Free Pricing- A Joy of Marketing Event!

When Justin & I were first getting started, we sat down one night and took a look at our numbers and realized we were actually losing money for every wedding that we shot. Uh yea, WHOOPS! I had learned a couple of things from the business classes I had taken in law school, and I’m pretty sure one of the chapters in our text book had read “in building a successful business, really try not to lose money.” So we knew some things had to change.

A few years later when we had gotten our prices up where “everyone” said they needed to be, we were so proud of that really BIG package we had and made sure everyone knew about it. Yea, until we sat down again one night and realized we actually MADE less from that package than one of our smaller ones. Again yea, WHOOPS!

Let’s face it, pricing your worth for something as subjective as photography is hard work. And so is running a business that actually makes you a living. Justin & I are both full time, this is our bread, butter and JAM! So we had to find a way to make sure this wasn’t just an expensive hobby, but something that actually made us a living. Over the past seven years, we’ve lost jobs because we were too expensive and we’ve lost jobs because we were too cheap. And somewhere through it all, we’ve found a pricing structure that just really works for us & our clients. We realized we didn’t want to be one of those photographers who are only known because they charge a lot, but then don’t actually book anything. We wanted to work. And we wanted to shoot. Because we love it.

And we wanted to be able to make both a LIFE and a LIVING doing this thing we LOVE.

On May 22nd & 23rd we are SO honored to be part of an online free event called “Pain-Free Pricing” put on by The Joy of Marketing & WHCC, where we will get to join 9 of the top industry experts to share our pricing story and what we’ve found is really working for us now. Like I said, it’s totally free for you to tune in & listen and all you have to do is head over HERE to get registered. And if you can’t listen in those days, they also have the downloads (along with the pricing packets from all 10 speakers) available for purchase!

Happy Wednesday y’all!

  1. Lea Ciceraro

    This is such perfect timing for me as I’m in the planning stages of relaunching my business after moving to a new state. Can’t wait to be a part of this! Thank you!!

  2. sharon elizabeth

    i think what i’ve learned most in the past year — was actually something y’all said during my mentoring session with y’all…. you reminded me, as much as i want to make money – just because i can say i have a ‘huge’ package, doesn’t mean brides are actually booking it!!!! love you guys and all of your generosity!

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