May 3, 2016

How to Get Your Instagram Followers Over to Snapchat FAST!


I know that technically Snapchat has been around for a long time, but only recently has it really started to explode at least among the photography community as the next great place to be. And with good reason! I like to tell people that Snapchat is kind of the un-Instagram. It’s life a lot more un-edited. You don’t have to overthink it, curate it (the feed is deleted every 24 hours), you can be really silly, playful, and even sloppy with it…and people just LOVE it! It’s a breath of fresh air and normalcy compared to the perfection portrayed by Instagram. And it’s such an incredible way to invite your tribe behind the curtain into the day to day little things that make up your life. It’s kind of like having your own reality show…and once you get the hang of it (Snapchat is not known for it’s user friendliness) it can actually be a lot of FUN!

And what I think is really cool is that, because they are so different, your Snapchat & your Instagram don’t have to compete and one doesn’t have to replace the other! I think they actually work best TOGETHER. So for example, we might post a really pretty picture on Instagram announcing that we got our new puppy Atticus….but then I invite people in for more by following all the crazy behind the scenes with having a new puppy over on Snapchat. So it’s kind of like Instagram is the really pretty blurb & design on the back cover of a book…and Snapchat is digging in & reading the whole story!

But maybe one of the toughest things about getting started with Snapchat is getting people to come over & follow along in the first place. And that can be especially disheartening after you’ve spent so long building your Instagram following up. But just telling people on Instagram to come follow you isn’t very motivating, and posting your Snapchat “ghost” profile pic is both boring (everybody is doing it) & is bad for your IG feed.

Well that’s why I was SO excited to come across this one simple trick that makes it sooo easy for your Instagram followers to go directly to your Snapchat profile & follow you right on the spot without having to do any work to find you! I found this in a blog post from Taylor on Later, and you should definitely check them out for even more awesome tips on making Snapchat work for you! But for now, here’s the step by step (from Taylor!) for how to set this up:

1. Type out the url (replacing “yourusername” with your actual Snapchat username, so marymarantz or justinmarantz for us!)

2. Copy that link into something like or bitly. Apparently Instagram has gotten smart about not allowing you to use “add” links in your bio, but they can’t see it if you make it a tinyurl first.

3. When you are making the tinyurl you have the option of making a “vanity” url, so I made mine so I can always remember it and add it again quickly if I want to change the link in my IG bio back to the blog link when I put a new post up.

4. Add that link in your bio and let your IG followers know they can just click on it to add you. And here’s the REALLY cool part. When they do, it will open up their Snapchat app and bring them directly to your profile so they can add you with just one click! Pretty awesome right?

Again a HUGE thanks to Taylor at Later for this amazing tip!

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