March 8, 2014

Pancake Session: I Dare You to Move

Happy Pancake Day you guys!!

Today we wanted to share a little something for anyone who is feeling the sting of the Comparison Monster. For anyone who might be getting sucked into the race that nobody ever wins of who has more. For anyone who is finding themselves getting too worried about what success looks like for someone else that they’ve forgotten what it looks like for them. Anyone who has gotten away from why they’re in this in the first place.

This is the video of a talk I gave last year at United called “I Dare You to Move.” And I am SO thankful that they recorded it. Because they are words that *I* need to hear often. Words that I need to listen to. And I just wanted to put it up here in case anyone else needed to hear it too.

It is one of the most honest, raw talks I’ve ever given. There are more than a few tears. But like I always say, there is truth in tears.

It’s about an hour and a half long, so watch it whenever you have the time to watch it all the way through. And whenever that may be, I hope that it helps!


United 2013 | Mary Marantz | I Dare You to Move from Showit on Vimeo.

  1. Margaret

    I can’t thank you enough for sharing this Mary. As I cried in to my coffee this more watch this whole video. I find my self taking time away from my daughter to try and get to that next level in my business and it put in to perspective that I need to stop and remember why I DO what I DO THANK YOU xo Margaret

  2. Jessica Warren

    WOW! You are a speaker girl! YOU have a gift to inspire others. God bless you. And thank you, your words were eye opening.

  3. Angel

    Love the words, even more so the heart that went into them. Amen.

  4. Stephanie Stewart

    I cannot wait to watch/listen to this, Mary! I am going to block off some time, because I have heard you speak, and I know I’ll need some tissues! Thank you in advance! You are amazing. AHHHH-mazing.

  5. Jenn Valluzzo

    This – incredible. So well done Mary. I love hearing you speak. You are a master presenter and I am so happy that you share all that you do. Thank you!

  6. Rici

    very touching, moving! Thank you for stirring us up!

  7. Lukas

    Excellent talk! Mary, you let me share tears and smiling with you. It’s amazing with what kind of words you touch, inspire, awaken and make clarity in thoughts. I thank you and am proud to have met you (in germany). Best wishes to you and Justin. Lukas. — Now excuse me, I have to watch it again… ;)

  8. Denise Weaver

    It’s like you have been reading my journal LOL. I just love your heart! You encourage and inspire so many! :) God is using you to confirm some things in my heart! Thank you! :)

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