June 22, 2010

Pancake Session: It Takes Love

It takes courage to chase a dream.

Raw, unfettered, lion-hearted, caution to the wind….courage. It takes confidence and patience and perseverance too. And lest we forget…there will be tears. Whether proverbial or actual, we shed our blood, sweat and tears in pursuit of these dreams. We give our everything. And then we give more. Frustration. Failure. Fight for it and Forward. It takes all these things to chase a dream.

But the greatest of these…is love.

Because when the courage waivers and the confidence is all but gone, love remains. When frustration trumps forward, and there are more tears than you knew possible….love is the one to say get up, dust yourself off, and try it again.

Today I hope you look at your dreams with love. Because it takes love to say, “Maybe this isn’t quite the picture I wish I’d taken yet, but I am the one who took it. And that counts.” It takes love to say “I have so far to go and so much left to learn, but just for today I’m going to be thankful for all that I’ve already learned. And give honor to the miles I’ve already come. ” It takes love to stare down fear in the face and put yourself out there. To be weak, to be vulnerable, to ask questions. To grow. It takes love to look at yourself and your dreams with compassion, and say to yourself: Fight for it and Forward.

Today I hope you live in love. Because trust me, it is the stuff that dreams are made of.

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  1. dawn beirnes

    oh my gosh…this is EXACTLY what I needed to hear today!

    Thanks guys
    you are the best!

  2. Eileen Broderick


  3. Brenna Lees

    I am always amazed when I turn away from my goals. I have all but given up. Then I turn the corner and someone not directed at me alone will send a message through the air. Inspired I will pick myself up and turn back to my goal. Thank you Mary you were the inspiration need!!!!

  4. Michelle

    Thanks, Mary. Exactly what I needed to hear today. You guys are inspiring to all of us who feel like we’re maybe not on the right path yet – either we’re too afraid to realize it, or we’re scared to put ourselves out there. I recently started freelance writing again; it’s nerve-wracking and I’m full of self-doubt, but I need to face the fear. Thanks again.

  5. Michelle Clark

    Whooohooooo, Amen!! You are seriously a mind reader today. As I sit here looking at starting a website and putting it all out there, the fear is creeping in. I reread my notes from STL last night and gave myself a good kick in the pants. ;) Thanks for just being the fabulous you that you are!! You inspire me daily.

  6. Stacey

    Thanks Mary… This is what I really needed to hear today… I’ve been feeling so down and out since i’ve been laid off…

  7. Cait

    Mary you just made my day. You couldn’t be more dead on with today’s Pancake Session. Thanks for putting that extra little spring in my step today!

  8. René Tate

    Oh, Mary Mary Mary… I heart you. Sometimes I swear we’re a sister from anotha motha. Love you friend.

  9. Ronnie

    Was questioning my decision to get in to photography in the first place, and your post said all the things I needed to hear today… Thanks for the uplift :-)

  10. Christa

    Pancake sessions are my favourite, but this one is extra special "smiles"

  11. Jil

    like everyone else, i really needed this today! neither my husband or me are currently employed, but both of us are chasing our dreams… life is amazing, but a little stressful right now. thanks for sharing your hard-won wisdom :o)

  12. Ray

    Another beautiful entry to add to your collection of many, on this here blog. I love how you live by, "LOVE." That’s awesome! =o)

  13. Sandra Costello

    Your words seem to come just at the right time. Tears and love, a savory experience:)

  14. jessica

    oh wow! how I needed that today! thank you so much for the raw feeling…you definitely had me crying…good tears of course because the words are just beautiful!

  15. Mary Dunlap

    Wow. Thank you for this post. It has my name written all over it. Fear, excitement, the unknown….and LOTS to learn. Made my day.

  16. molly

    this post came at a perfect time… thanks

  17. Alison

    I allowed myself one of those moments last week when I did my annual bloggging for berries trade with my husbands family. I compared the photos from last year versus what I was able to get mostly SOOC and took a moment to be thrilled with how far I have come. When I have been on overload and that doubt moves in, I needed that moment to see how much I have done. THanks for the reminder!

  18. Susannah

    Thanks for always being real. I don’t know how else we do what we do…it does take love.

  19. Lindsay

    It’s September, and I’m just reading this post from July. I’m sorry for my major lag, but I’m so so so so so happy that I read this today. I needed these words more than ever today! Thanks J&M!!!

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