October 2, 2015

Pancake Session: Our Best Advice for Husband & Wife Teams


Justin & I have been doing this husband & wife team thing for a long time…since before we were a husband & wife actually! We got engaged on Christmas Eve 2005, went full time in our business in the Fall of 2006 and were married the following year. So depending on when you start counting, we have nearly a decade of experience working together under our (J.Crew) belts.

And we’ve learned a LOT in that time. We’re still learning really. About how to create boundaries and protect us having a life together as a couple, rather than just being business partners or people who co-exist all the time. That’s SO important to us. In everything, having a marriage we can be proud of and a marriage that is an example to our couples and others of how incredible marriage can be …that comes first. Like we always say, if there is no US… there is no business. And the last thing we want to do is to spend our lives documenting other people’s love stories and lose ours in the process!

Now that doesn’t mean that there still aren’t days where we work too hard. Or get stressed out. Or get on each other’s nerves. We definitely do! But what’s been really amazing to watch is how much we just have it down now….like a really intricate, beautiful dance that it takes you years to learn! I love how Justin just instinctively knows to bring me my laptop cord in the morning because he knows it will be about to die and take my almost finished blog post with it. I love how I know that he’s going to need a coke and some stolen bacon wrapped scallops during cocktail hour to keep from getting hangry. And I love most of all how when we’re shooting together, we both just instinctively take a step forward at the same time. That makes me teary almost every time it happens. Because it tells me that this thing that we’re doing together…it’s working. And we were born for this.

We were born to see love because we have first loved. And we were loved in return. And we get to show that to the world.

So that would be my best advice to all you husband & wife or want to be husband & wife teams out there….take the time to learn the dance. And don’t worry too much about the missteps in between.

If any of you reading this are husband & wife teams or you WANT to become one, we are SO excited to share that a bunch of our favorite husband & wife teams in the industry came together to share their best practical tips on making the team… work! You should definitely check it out & you can find the article by heading over HERE!!


  1. Cathy

    Love this guys!!! :-)

  2. Vancouver Wedding Photographer

    Awesome post guys. I’m getting my wife into photography and plan on having her on my wedding photography team in 2016 once she learns a little more about the craft!

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