February 3, 2011

Pancake Session: Routinely Finding Balance

Today I am incredibly honored to introduce the absolutely adorable Miss Jamie Delaine as our guest blogger extraordinaire serving up today’s piping hot batch o’ Pancakes! I’ve adored Jamie for a long time now, and anyone who has ever met her will instantly understand why. She is genuine and caring and she possesses a quiet grace that instantly puts you at ease. And on top of that, she’s a pretty kick butt business woman to boot. I’ve been following along with Jamie on Twitter for a while now (and if you’re not following her yet, you totally SHOULD!! Go ahead just click that link right there and hit follow. I’ll wait.) and what I’ve been most impressed with lately is how, at such a young age, she really seems to have a grasp on keeping life balance in the midst of running her business. Whether she’s talking about going for a run, eating a healthy breakfast, or laughing til her belly hurts with friends…..this girl just has it together. And that commitment to taking care of the things that matter most just seems to be fueling her business to grow even faster.

So yea, I think we ALL have something to learn from this “young” entrepreneur. Ha, ha…get it :) Without further ado, Miss Jamie Delaine!!

routinely finding balance.

i’ve struggled with finding balance in my life. for years that word hasn’t been in my vocabulary. exercise? oh, sure, let me not move my butt at all or let me move it for two hours a day. nothing in between. i should eat fruit? oh perfect, i’ll have five apples a day [no joke] and not just one. dark chocolate? i won’t buy it for months and then i’ll eat almost the whole bar over the course of one day. starting a photography business at age sixteen? let me work around the clock here to make this company successful—everything else can wait.

i know every business owner struggles with balance. the balance of six o’clock in the morning alarm clocks vs. sleeping in [we work for ourselves! c’mon!], taking a lunch break vs. working at your desk with lunch, spending that spare hour you happen to find in your schedule going out for coffee with an industry professional vs. catch-up time with your best friend. we have choices to make everyday; choices that affect our business, our physical & mental health, our relationships, our lives. i don’t claim to have this life figured out. however, from my experience, here are a few little things that have helped me stay balanced.

one: quality, not quantity.
in my life, i’ve been blessed with an amazing church full of some incredible people. i have a handful of people that truly inspire and challenge me to be a more well-rounded person on a weekly basis. when it comes to scheduling, i try to think “quality, not quantity” — i can’t have coffee with everyone. who are the people that lift you up, inspire you? schedule time with those people, to fill you up, so that when you need to “give out” you have something to give.

two. ignore everyone.
it’s true; sometimes, you just gotta get alone. introverted or extraverted, alone time is an important part of every day. i do my best to start every morning with breakfast and my bible. after breakfast, i try and spend some time in prayer. i don’t always stick to this: a certain morning might get crazy, so evenings are best, right before bed. it comes down to this: find that quiet time to breathe.

three. move your butt.
i believe so strongly in physical activity. if i go even forty-eight hours without a run or a speedwalk i feel… restless. restless, frustrated, out of balance. i personally love working out at the end of the work day; i try to finish work around 3:30PM or 4:00PM and hit the gym on the way home. home by dinnertime, showered and ready for the evening. start somewhere. actually take your lunch break today and go for a forty-minute walk. so good.

four. unplug the world.
twitter, facebook, email, google reader, to-do list, google calendar. i get very overwhelmed some days when i wake up & realize i don’t remember the last day i went without reading my twitter feed. seriously? why? in all honesty, i am learning more and more that i want to live my life unplugged. i fasted twitter & facebook for a week in january and i felt so rested. not to mention, extremely productive. i checked big work projects off my list like they were going outta style! the constant interruption is a huge distraction to productivity. i’m currently trying to implement one or two days a week: twitter & facebook free. i still can’t escape that email.

five. work isn’t everything.
i don’t live to work. i work to live. this winter i spent a lot of time journalling and brainstorming about why it is i actually do what i do. for a few years, i don’t think i had a clear answer to that. i do now. i work to be able to bless people and organizations with my money. i work to be able to take time off: to travel, to spend time at my church, to invest my time into people, youth in my youth group. i have my own business to have a free schedule; to be able to spend a day or two a week investing into the lives of others–not building my own life. i believe firmly that the things of this earth will pass away someday & nothing will be eternal except for our souls. when you have that perspective and continually re-focus your work, life, priorities through that viewpoint, things become a lot easier to let go of. it’s all temporary… so breathe! :)

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  1. Jen O.

    Love her faith and her work. Jamie, your perspective is refeshing and inspiring. Thanks for sharing Jamie and Mary!

  2. Gail

    Ahhhh…I LOVE Miss Jamie. She’s such an inspiration for the industry. Great nuggets of wisdom here for my mid-morning!

    And yummm…now I want some pancakes. Seriously.

  3. Kate Whitmore

    Jamie Delaine is just amazing. And after stalking her blog looking at her work, I find out that she is 20…and that made my day. That is incredible! I want to be friends with her just because I love knowing other young people in this industry…especially ones like her who are both inspired and inspiring! Thank you for allowing her to be a guest blogger today, Marantzes!

  4. Deborah Zoe

    Jamie, you’re inspiring:) Thanks for sharing!

  5. Dennis Bullock

    Thanks so much! I so needed this!

  6. chesley

    love, love, love her work!! she is wise beyond her years!!

  7. Heather Colt

    Wow! This girl has a good head on her shoulders!! Way to go! very inpiational. I was pretty young when I started and I think I let that hold me back for a while… I wish it hadn’t. For a long time I thought people wouldn’t take me serriously…. and the few people who didn’t really made me believe that… You go girl! Dont ever let anyone hold you down! Its amazing what passion and drive do.

  8. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    Hi Jamie! I was just on your blog, and now you’re here. Are you stalking me? ;)

  9. Karen Stott

    Oh my word Mary and Jamie this is amazing. This is exactly what the Lord has put on my heart for this season. BALANCE! Thanks ladies for sharing. xoxo

  10. bethany cox

    just what i needed to hear. absolutely.

  11. katie

    i love this, how uplifting!

  12. Em

    Such good truth in here, Jamie!! Thanks Justin and Mary for showing everyone how amazing my friend is!

  13. Corinna Hoffman

    Love this post! :)

  14. Eryn Kesler

    really really good stuff. LOVE it!

  15. Brooke

    Excellent post! It reminds me of a quote I once saw, I don’t remember the source… and I will probably mess up the wording but here goes "Never work so hard to make a life that you forget to have a life." Or something like that. :)

  16. Trude

    Love Jamie’s work! Her genuine personality shows through her words on her blog, which keeps me coming back. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Tiffany Deming

    Thank you for reintroducing me to Jamie! :) I stumbled across her site over a year ago, and then couldn’t find it when I was trying to look her up again. Love her fresh style!

  18. Jimmy

    I actually found your site through hers. Love her work. Her new blog and website layout is awesome!!

  19. Laura

    I love Jamie’s style and personality! Thank you for featuring her!

  20. jamie delaine

    Hey Mary :) I’m spending the morning reading through ALL your pancake sessions post and was shocked to see my face here. Haha! I had forgotten all about this post :) Hope you are doing well. Love your heart.

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