January 8, 2014

Pancake Session: Say Thank You!

When it comes to growing your business, “getting your name out there”, and getting people to want to talk about you & help build your business alongside you- all of which are questions that we get from other photographers all the time- there are two words that are absolutely irreplaceable.

Thank and You.

Gratitude is a really powerful thing. And feeling it is not enough. You have to put words to it. You have to put effort to it. You have to make sure the other person knows it. There is a great saying that goes “Feeling grateful and not saying it is like having a really great gift and not giving it.” True that.

The fact of the matter, is that building a business is not a one woman show. You have the clients who have taken a chance on you, the other vendors who have recommended you, fellow photographers who have believed in you & referred you, and maybe even people you look up to who have taken the time to encourage you.

Let’s be clear. None of those people had to do any of that.

And so when they do- when someone hires you, recommends you, encourages you, inspires you- it falls on you to remember to be thankful for that. And to make sure the other person knows how thankful you are too.

There are a TON of ways to do that. You can call them, you can tell them, you can write it on their Facebook wall, you can write them a handwritten letter, and-maybe best of all-you can send them a little gift to show your appreciation.

Last month for the holidays, we did a series of gifts for our clients and the vendors who have supported us so much this year. And we just wanted to share them here in case it sparks some ideas for you guys. Also, take heart. If you missed doing “holiday gifts” this year, there is no time like the “present” (see what I did there!) to make up for it! Send them out a New Year’s gift. Start putting something together for Valentine’s Day. Or send it next Tuesday, just because.

Because honestly, there is never any better time than right now to say “Thank You.”


For our amazing 2013 couples, we did this Bride & Groom cookbook from Williams Sonoma with a note that said “Here’s to a lifetime of breakfasts in bed.”

For our upcoming incredible 2014 couples, we did this super cozy plush blanket from Restoration Hardware (in the teal blue, of course!) with a note that said “Tis the season to be cozy!” And we got a ton of pictures sent to us like this one! :)

For our vendors who really rocked our world this year & went above and beyond in building our business, we sent (and will continue to send out!) a bottle of Veuve Clicquot and a champagne bucket!

And finally, this is not a gift we sent but one we received! A couple of days ago, Scarlett & Stephen sent us a super nice email thanking us for a referral we sent their way a while back. They explained that not only did they book that couple, but that their wedding had turned into three or four more weddings for them including one they just booked in Italy! It’s so cool to see all of the incredible things that can come out of sending just a quick referral, and I would have never known any of that had they not taken the time to send that email (as well as a very generous Starbucks gift card! which you KNOW I loved….Starbucks is my love language!)

So there you go! Taking the time to say thank you to the people who have helped build your business & show them that you’re grateful will go miles in making people feel appreciated. So before you ask why you don’t have good word of mouth, ask yourself when the last time was that you said thank you!

**And if you want to see the full rundown of ALL the gifts we do for our clients & other vendors throughout the year, we talk all about that (as well as all of our marketing plan!) in The Guide!!

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  1. Tiffany Farley

    I also recommend good packaging if you’re say planning to leave homemade pumpkin whoopie pies on the porch. In case, let’s say, just throwing this out there, that a large pack of squirrels , say, carry them off. Insert Angry Face Emoji. :)

  2. Devin & Kathryn Robinson

    These are such great ideas! We have been trying to figure out something to send to vendors as gifts and this seems like a GREAT celebratory gift! That cookebook seems perfect as well! Great suggestions!

  3. Ashley Goodwin

    I agree a little thank you goes a long long way! I need to tell people I appreciate them more often. Sometimes I get busy and forget and that’s not ok thanks for the reminder!!

  4. Ashley Goodwin

    I agree a little thank you goes a long way thanks for the reminder!!

  5. Michael and Carina

    Beautiful & thoughtful tips! Such a great idea to do non-photo related gifts that are so useful… love the cookbook one especially!

  6. Karen

    "Starbucks is my love language" … giggle!!!

  7. Rici

    I love this inspiration! Especially the "present" hihi. Than you! :*

  8. Scarlett & Stephen

    Thank you for the blessing you are not only to us, but to everyone who knows you. :-)

  9. Amy Clifton Keely

    I am so so bad at Thank You notes…I need to get so so much better. But this year I did take a cue from you guys and sent my 2013 wedding and family portrait clients a photo frame Christmas ornament with a photo from their session and a handwritten note. It was inexpensive, but it made such a huge impact with my sweet clients. I got phone calls, texts, handwritten notes, and tons of facebook photos in return, many saying that this was their favorite surprise of the entire Christmas season!! <3 This is an area I want to improve on in 2014. Thank you for the reminders to just express that gratitude!

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