November 2, 2010

Pancake Session: Ten Tips for Shooting the Getting Ready

In light of the upcoming PartnerCon in New Orleans next week and our presentation there of “Walk Through a Wedding w/ J&M,” (both of which we are SO psyched about!) Pictage asked us to write a top ten post for their blog this week about something related to weddings. We chose the getting ready pictures and put together ten of our best tips for how to approach that portion of the day.

And we thought you guys might want to read it too. :) So if you do, just click HERE to see all ten tips!

  1. joan solitario

    thanks for sharing your knowledge!! :DD

  2. Jil

    "And if you can be that kind of influence for your bride, she will love you forever!" YES, exactly!

  3. Stephanie

    this post caught my eye because I bought my bf that EXACT same pocketwatch for his birthday this year! Those tips were really interesting &helpful! :) great post!

  4. jackie g. photog

    great tips!! read last nite on twitter!

  5. Becky

    Awesome advice!

  6. Sarah Heinle

    Thanks for the tips! I loved the article and photos.

  7. finn

    these were well said. and I LOVE LOVE your bride getting ready photos!

  8. andrea

    do you have to belong to pictage to read the blog? every link i click on only takes me back to the same main page! ahh! I just want to read it!

  9. andrea

    of course as soon as i post this, it works!

  10. Dawn McCarthy

    Fantastic post. Authentic advice. Thank you.

  11. Erica Velasco

    Great article! Really great tips!

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