April 14, 2009

PDN Top Knots

Happy Tax Day!! :P

Or better yet….Happy Heck Yea the Taxes are DONE Day!!

Today is a pretty crazy busy day for us because we have Denis Reggie coming to our PUG tonight!! So there’s a LOT to do to get ready for that! But I just wanted to hop on real quick to blatantly brag (hey I’m the wife, I GET to do that!) about my Justin, who just had a picture win in the 2009 PDN Top Knots Contest.

See it below? Ain’t it pretty?? :)

I’m so incredibly puffed up proud of him right now, and I swear I NEVER cease to be amazed by the way he sees the world. Although it does make for him being ever so slightly ADD when I’m trying to talk to him about super important things like the new London Fog Tea Latte at Starbucks , and he’s too busy looking at the reflection in some building across the street.

Seriously, what is UP with that?! :)

Congrats J!! I love you boo!! :)

  1. Kelly Braman

    This is awesome! Congrats!

  2. Val McCormick

    Congratulations Justin!!! That’s awesome!

  3. Dennis Bullock

    So cool! Great job!

  4. Betsy Jo

    Congratulations, Justin! And I can’t wait to hear how tonight goes… Love the writing, as always, Mary.

  5. Deyla Huss

    Holy Hollllllllllla!! thats Fab!!! congrats Justin, what a stud! Mary you are so sweet for braggin, its our god given right as wives to be able to brag about our fabulous hubbies!!!

  6. Dennis Bullock

    BTW, i just tried the hack featured on the Starbucks site you linked to and well…..yum!

  7. Cheryl Cronin

    Way to go Justin!!!! Not only do you have amazing talent but you have an awesome cheerleading section as well!

  8. Mara (Wedding Cabaret)


  9. Gina Meola

    Yaaaay!! Now, Marylicious… what would your hubby be without you? NADA. Bask in the glory, girl! XOXO

  10. Claire Ryser

    Yay for Justin!!! AND yay for taxes being done! My CPA met me in a parking lot last night to tell me I didn’t owe anything and would be getting a return so I wouldn’t worry about anything. How nice is he???

  11. Krista Photography

    Congrats Justin! That’s an awesome photo!

  12. Christopher

    How very cool is that. Good for Justin.

  13. Greg Kanaan

    Well it’s no surprise to me. You guys are just about the best photographers out there in any field! That’s why we hired you!

  14. Feuza

    You guys are awesome! Congrats

  15. imthiaz houseman

    what a great photo. congrats Justin that’s awesome.

  16. Stephanie Stewart

    Congratulations!!! That is awesome!

  17. Ray

    Congrats to Justin. ;o)

  18. The Apprentice ; )

    Pop the cork on the champagne!! Cheers to you both !! CONGRATS!

  19. Erin

    We knew you were talented!! Congratulations Jus!

  20. Eileen Broderick

    Yeah, Justin!! Beautiful shot…

  21. rachel darley

    Congrats! Oober cool. =)

  22. rachel brooke

    woohoo! congrats!!

  23. Katie Jo

    Congrats Justin! That’s amazing news!

  24. Alison

    Great news for a not so much great day! Congrats and beautiful shot!

  25. leslie


  26. jeramy

    good stuff!

  27. kymberli q.

    I haven’t stopped by in a while and I have been missing out! Beautiful, beautiful images! Love the ones in the field(?)!

  28. Karen (Mikols) Bonar


  29. Robert J. Trenske

    I know I told you at PUG but I wanted to let you know again… Congratulations Justin!!

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