December 12, 2012

Pictures of us by Jose Villa (eeee!!)

Earlier this year, I told Justin that one of the things that made me the saddest was that we just don’t have a lot of pictures of the two of us together. Sure, we have a lot of blurry iPhone pictures and images that we’ve taken of each other. But we hadn’t really had a shoot done of us since our wedding. We both raised a glass of whatever we were drinking at the time (probably orange juice) and promised that this year that would all change.

So when Justin surprised me with not just an anniversary shoot, but an anniversary shoot with JOSE FREAKIN VILLA (I’m pretty sure that’s his official name) for our five year anniversary while we were out in California…..I pretty much nearly died. And couldn’t image that any girl has ever been happier.

That is until yesterday when our pictures came….and a whole new world record of happiness was set!!!

Join me will you, as we take part in a collective “EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!”

That picture below? THIS would be the moment when Jose Villa told me I had a nice booty….and we almost died!!

**HUGE thanks to Mar from TEAM Hair & Makeup for coming along on our adventure, doing a beautiful job on my hair & makeup, and keeping me from looking like a hot mess! :)

Jose, we love you! Love love LOVE you! I cannot thank you enough for capturing our love so purely, so simply, and yet in such a jaw-droopingly beautiful way. You have left a permanent carving on our hearts. And I already know….our great, great grandkids are going to get copies of these….

As proof that our family always started with love.


  1. Kristin

    These are FABULOUS. Seriously amazing guys.

  2. Amanda


  3. Spring

    I LOVE THESE!!!! UGGGGGH So freaking awesome!!!!

  4. Sarah W

    OMGeeeee….These are breathtaking!!!

  5. Lyn Ismael-Bennett

    You guys are both beautiful inside and out. These are gorgeous!

  6. Graham

    Seriously?!?!? Just stop it already! :)

  7. Kristin

    These are so beautiful! What an AWESOME surprise from your hubby!! He definitely gets a gold star for this one! :)

  8. Sara D Harper

    I’ll add an EEEEEEEEEE So exciting!! Please post whatever you frame/canvas/put in an album/etc with these!

  9. Nicole Benitez

    LOVE THEM ALL!!!! You look gorgeous M!

  10. Blair Van Bussel

    What an amazing opportunity!!!! You two look amazing, the the photos are just beautiful!!! :)

  11. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    Of all the beautiful photos of couples in love to ever appear on your blog, I think these are the most precious of all!! LOVE!!

  12. ashley barnett

    AUGH! SO amazing!!! You guys both look incredible. These just put the biggest smile on my face. Love love LOVE! :)

  13. Katie Jane

    Wow, these are absolutely stunning!

  14. Nilka Gissell

    Loving this photo session!! You guys look awesome!!

  15. Chelsea McGowan

    Gorgeous! I’m so jealous! Both of your amazing pictures, and how cute your butt is in those skinnies. ;)

  16. Abby Grace

    These are so so so sweet! Mary, you look AMAZING. Your hair, make-up, and glowing smile are all tokens of how radiant you and Justin are together. And just so you know, as excited as you were about finding out that Jose was going to photograph you, and as excited as you are to see your photos? That how we feel about you guys and our photos from New York :). xoxo

  17. Aysha Gerald

    You two are THE cutest, ever!! Love!!

  18. sharon elizabeth

    oh my GAWD… i smiled the entire time… you both look INCREDIBLE! mary – i love that side hair-do.. TOO cute!!!! gorgeous little love birds! GAH

  19. Tiffany Farley

    I just died. Incredible. Absolutely perfect.

  20. Tammie

    Um hello. You do have a nice booty! ;) Love the pictures of you two. Jose did a wonderful job (as usual!) but it does help to have gorgeous clients!! :)

  21. Brittani

    WOW Justin & Mary! Jose captured you both so perfectly…everything about these images is drop dead gorgeous and portrays your love in such a beautiful and artistic way, yet still so timeless and effortless. Gorgeous! You both look incredible!

  22. katie yuen

    eeeeeeeh!!!! You are SO beautiful, Justin is SO handsome and the love in these pictures? INCREDIBLE.

  23. Sandra

    I love all them. I can’t decide which is my favorite but I do love the one of Justin looking at the camera and the one of Mary being nuzzled by Justin. They are all so pretty. xoxo

  24. Kristi Chappell


  25. Stef

    Le Sigh… these are simply amazing. Just as the two of you are!

  26. Rachel McCloud

    Astinkinmazing :) Beautiful. Mary you are beautiful and Justin you look handsome. :)

  27. Jess@iblog4-u

    O.M.G I mean there are just no words…. JOSE FREAKIN VILLA :) amazing. You both look beyond stunning and the love just radiates. Aaahhmmaazzinnggness

  28. Meredith Perdue

    Incredible, you guys!

  29. Keren

    SO gorgeous!! I would probably die too if my hubby surprised me with a Jose Villa shoot!! BEAUTIFUL beautiful beautiful!!!

  30. Deborah Zoe

    these are beautiful guys:)

  31. jamie

    WOW!!! They were worth the wait! I love them all, but really love the one of you with the hat!

  32. Anouschka

    Stunning, gorgeous, beautiful! You two look amazing. Great work Jose and well done Justin on such a fab surprise!

  33. Lisa Cour

    I’ve been waiting for these! Wow!! Couple favorites (well, MANY favorites) but my top is the one with your hair down in the black dress. You are touching foreheads, laughing. What a treasure!!

  34. Betsy

    I’m SO happy for you two! Love Jose Villa’s work, and so glad you got the chance. Definitely a dream of mine to someday have him shoot our family. Someday… :) Beautiful!!

  35. Karen Stott

    OH MY GOSH… these could not be more stunning! And you’re hair.. all swag and gorgeous in that messy side bun! LOVE!

  36. bethany cox

    perfect in every way

  37. Janet McKnight

    EEEEEE!!! :)

  38. Rebekah Hoyt

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! WOW these are simply stunning through and through! You two look amazing! Congratulations :)

  39. Susan Evans

    Holy Cannolli! That is the best surprise gift! These are absolutely beautiful photos.

  40. Jil

    amazing! i have a HUGE grin on my face because these pictures perfectly captured your beauty, inside and out!!

  41. Bethany Mitchell

    Love these shots of you guys!!!

  42. Tira J

    OH FREAKIN GORGEOUS!!!! Wow! Love every single one of them!

  43. Kari Jeanne

    Stunning. You two are beautiful inside & out. Love every single image!!!

  44. Alicia Candelora

    LOOOOOOOOVE these!!!!

  45. Isaac Stott

    Perfect, absolutely perfect!

  46. Laura Gordon

    I am dying over these! They are soooo gorgeous! Mary, I love your hair in the side bun- super chic!! I have so many faves but I love the one of you two thats vertical (full body shot) where you are looking at the camera & the one towards the end of just you holding the hat…. GORG!

  47. Kare


  48. Katelyn James

    LOVE!!!!! ahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! so beautiful!!!

  49. GrandmaIna

    Your happiness and love shines through all of these photos. What a pleasure to see these!

  50. Meredith

    Oooooh myyyyyyy!!!! These are fabulous!!

  51. Vanessa Chupp

    Oh my gosh!!! Jose FREAKIN Villa is right!! You guys are so great, so beautiful, and your love is so radiant and glowing. Love these photos – they will definitely be treasures for generations and generations! xo

  52. Carissa

    BAH!!!! incredible!!! you guys look SERIOUSLY amazing! i mean, of course jose takes stunning photos, but you can’t fake the love you can see in them… yes, your family definitely started with love :)

  53. Susannah

    oh. my. GOSH. these are breathtaking! You look incredible! and that light…and those outfits…and Jose…WOW. Happy FREAKIN Anniversary! :)

  54. Sarah Goodwin

    swoon. so glad to see you on the other side of the camera making memories ;)

  55. jamie

    WOW! these are all lovely!

  56. Bethany Ann

    Ahhhhhh!! These are SO amazing!!!! You two are so adorable and lovely! :) Wonderful anniversary idea, Justin!!! Yay!

  57. sharon elizabeth

    AHH.. i came back because i KNEW i forgot to say something in my other comment.. MARY.. your butt looks AUH-MAZINGGGGG! LOL =) Had to!

  58. Josh Gruetzmacher

    Such beautiful photos by Jose Villa! Congrats on 5 years :)

  59. Gail

    Oooh I’d been waiting on these! They are SOOOO gorgeous Mary!!! Definitely worthy of that squeal! Jose did a wonderful job (as if we expected anything less!)

  60. Valentina

    WOW!!!!! So so gorgeous!! Well, done Justin. Well done!

  61. Jennifer Hejna

    wow such a beautiful and lively session. I can imagine how much you love these images.

  62. Rici

    I´ve waited for these images ever since you said you took them! SOOOO great. They are a DREAM! AMAzing! ~ Saluti.

  63. Gabby / En Route Photography

    Goodness gracious great balls of AWESOOOOOOOOOMEEEE!!!!!!

  64. Chanique

    Oh my word!!! You are the luckiest! I definitely think this should go on my buckets list … "have shoot with Jose Villa"

  65. Urška

    Woooow! This are amazing! It’s also one of my dreams, to have a shoot with Jose Villa. He is simply amazing :)

  66. Lauren Wakefield

    I just died a little. No…I died a lot. These are amazing. They are so perfectly you and such an amazing thing to have forever. Love love.

  67. Emilia Jane

    SO incredibly beautiful. Mary, you’re gorgeous!!!!!!

  68. Mary Veterano

    Ahhhhh that is so amazing! I looove these! What an awesome anniversary gift!

  69. Lara

    So, so lovely. What wonderful images to have forever and ever.

  70. Monica Justesen Photography

    These are absolutely gorgeous! You both look infinitely happy!

  71. Evie Perez

    Agh! i love these so much!! how sweet of Justin to surprise you. Now that is a keeper. Congrats on your 5 year anniversary!!!

  72. LEOLAK

    These are beautiful!!! Just gorgeous!

  73. Caitlin

    I knew these were going to be amazing but seeing them is an entirely different thing! So beautiful to see your love caputured like this, and you both look stunning. Best gift ever!

  74. Lydia

    Love love these pictures!! You two are so cute together, and your love for each other is so evident!

  75. Taylor Roades

    Cute boots Mary! And gorgeous images!

  76. Liz Lovi

    These really are beautiful.

  77. Cindy Habel

    Just. Simply. Stunning!

  78. Christy Tyler

    I don’t know how I missed this post – by OHMYWORD. These are STUNNING!!! You two are so fabulous together and these photos just bring out all the best of it. LOVE!

  79. joel serrato

    so beautiful you guys! ;) great meeting you! come back to cali soon!

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