April 14, 2011

Piece of Cake Session: A Little Bit More

Good morning everyone!

Tomorrow is Walk Through a Wedding San Diego and I. am. excited!! Like, really, really excited for this one! Especially, because yesterday all of those last little nagging details worked themselves out! And that right there is a good feeling!

See from the outside, it must seem sometimes like we have have it all together from the get go. Like all of the details are finalized months in advance and design boards are ready to be posted. But the truth is, Walk Through’s are very much like real weddings. Some details get ironed out months in advance, but some take us a little longer to figure out. That was the case for our welcome table for San Diego.

We had a general idea of what we wanted it to look like. Terra Cotta, and purple flowers… ribbons and succulents… and of course, some super cute place cards designed by Jim + Ravyn!! But the table just wasn’t quite there yet. We wanted to do something a little bit more than having the place cards lying flat amongst the flowers. And that’s when Mary said, “why don’t we use the succulents AS the placecards!” And just like that, our welcome table fell into place!

So we went out shopping yesterday, bought mini succulents and mini terra cotta pots at Home Depot, and some ribbon at Michael’s. And suddenly, our welcome table got catapulted from nice, to very nice in a matter of seconds. And the best part about it? We did it for under 3 dollars a person! So if this was a real wedding, it’s a totally attainable and very cute way to spice up the welcome table!

I can’t wait to show it to you!!

So what’s the point of all this? Don’t feel like you have to have a ton of time or money to take the details of your wedding from cookie cutter to something that really stands out and something that really feels like you. Something that your guests will remember. Because most of the time, all it takes….is just a little bit more.


  1. Lydia

    Love! You guys seriously come up with the most amazing themes and carry them out to the Nth degree!

  2. Ray

    Very cool idea, in replacement of just regular place cards.

  3. ajira

    How awesome! I suggested the same thing to a bride on Twitter looking for place card ideas for a desert wedding. Love.

  4. Jessica Sweeney

    I love succulents! What a great idea.

  5. Stephanie Stewart

    P.S. I totally experienced creativity while being in the moment during a session this past weekend, and I felt alive, free, and truly happy. I want to bottle up that feeling!!! Thanks again for sharing!

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