November 23, 2016

Podcast Wednesday: Goal Digger & Six Figure Photography


Lately, I have become obsessed with listening to podcasts! I love the idea that while Justin & I are driving in the car somewhere or when we’re working out, that we can ALSO be growing our business or learning things that WE know we need to work on to move towards our goals. It makes me feel more productive spending my time that way. Like I am investing in myself and us rather than just listening to the radio or watching tv (not that I don’t LOVE me some tv!) But this feels like I am able to get back those times to invest in OUR business that would have other wise been wasted. And I just LOVE learning from people who have already gone ahead of us, rather than trying to figure it all out on our own.

SO, with this new found love of podcasts, you can imagine just how EXCITED I was when Justin & I were invited to be on not one but TWO incredible podcasts by some people who are making serious WAVES in our industry, and leading with a TON of heart along the way!

First up, we were super honored and excited when our dear friend Jenna Kutcher asked if we would be one of the FIRST four interviews that would already be up when her brand new podcast Goal Digger launched…. TODAY!! Ahhhh the new site looks AMAZING and you should definitely check it out HERE! I had the BEST time doing our interview and talking all things comparison and the “checklist of someone else’s dream.” And what it means to really define success on YOUR terms! And you should just see the other podcasts that are already up, with powerhouses like Natalie Franke, Jen Olmstead & Jenna herself! You should definitely head on over & listen now in iTunes, and while you’re there make sure you subscribe so you get all the weekly updates & leave an awesome review to let Jenna know how much we appreciate her!


The other podcast we got to be part of this week was the Six Figure Photography podcast with our new friend Ben Hartley who we just met at United! Ben is SO good at everything he does and we just LOVED spending some time talking with him about how to get right with your flash…so that you can go out and be a LIGHT in this world! Ben has built this entire wealth of information all around the premise that when you serve people BETTER, then that’s how you increase your value…not by competing but by giving. And I LOVE that! There are already so many amazing episodes up, so you could spend days….or maybe that long drive to family for Thanksgiving…listening and learning and still not run out of new posts to listen to! So definitely go subscribe and add this one to your weekly listen list for sure!!

**PS: Speaking of Flash, did you know that registration for our first ever J&M Lighting Course closes tonight at MIDNIGHT?? Don’t miss it!



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