December 6, 2009

Pond House Wedding: Katie & Tony (Part II)

And now, Part II of Katie & Tony’s gorgeous Pond House wedding!!

This bridal party was so much fun!

I LOVED all the details Katie & Tony (with the help of the awesome Pond House crew!) put together!

Katie’s mom’s face as she walked in

The Pond House did an AMAZING job with all the catering!! Look at this presentation!!

My favorite food idea of the WHOLE year??? A mashed potato martini bar!! You could pick all of your toppings and they made it right there for you. Incredible!!

First Dance

Love this set with both parents!

As well as this one with Katie’s parents!


The End

  1. Jennifer Grigg

    Best coverage possible. Subtle light, captured great moments, details, wide and medium shots. Outstanding.

  2. Zinchuk Studios

    Beautiful Wedding–LOVE the colors!!

  3. Lindsi

    The Mashed potato martini’s are definitely a favorite of mine. I’ve shot a few weddings that have done that. AMAZING.

  4. emma@barebonephoto

    LOVE the lighting on the group shots! Stunning work.

  5. Janice Day

    WOW! So amazing. Now, THOSE are bridesmaids dresses that they can actually wear again. The only thing that would make this post more perfect would be some inside information on the lighting set-up for the group shots. :)

  6. Kelly

    Awesome pics! Beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple!

  7. Amanda

    Looove the photos – almost feel like I was there :) Especially love the shot of Katie’s mom waiting for her… lovely.

  8. Tooleh

    Bridesmaid pictures remind me of JCrew magazine – they are amazing pictures … we love them …. congratulations to the bride & groom…

  9. Paul Towne

    Great photography!

  10. Bean

    Not only was this wedding the prettiest I’ve been to in a while, it was bay far the most fun!

  11. Rachel

    You both look so beautiful! These photos are incredible. Katie, your dress is breathtaking and you were seriously working it. Tony, Simon says you look very English (which is probably the highest compliment he could make). I would say that translates rougly to "dashing." The photos in the rain are so sweet!

  12. Elise

    The last picture sums it all up, this was the most fun wedding EVER! These pictures are stunning!!

  13. Lisa P

    Looks like you guys had a ton of fun (since we all know Tony loves to dance!). Hope it was everything you wanted and more.

  14. Talia Mailman

    These pictures are almost as beautiful (oh so close!) as the wedding itself.

  15. Katie

    I think my favorite is the groom hugging his mom <3

  16. Steven

    Looks like a wonderful time!

  17. Ray

    What gorgeous food presentation! Wow. And I love that photo of Katie & Tony dancing alongside Katie’s parents and that photo of Tony hugging his mom. Just beautiful. =0)

  18. heidi j tobias

    A feast on the eyes. Katie, you could not look any more beautiful………and that dress is absolutely stunning on you…… the back poses. Tony, you handsome dude! The reception looks delightful……the food you chose whimsical and delicious. Thank God for tasteful and figure flattering bridesmaid dresses as well! Everything beautiful…including the love you two share………….xxoo

  19. Janet

    I LOVE the pumpkins!

  20. Sarah

    These beautiful photos truly captured the romance and just flat out fun everyone had at your wedding!

  21. Simon Clue

    How pretty. What delightful photos. Smashing work.

  22. Mom D

    Amazing photos for the best day EVER…….FUN

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