October 9, 2008

Portrait House – Mike

We’re working on getting the full post from Mike & Julia’s wedding up, but first we thought we’d post a couple from the Portrait House shoot we did with Mike a couple weeks before the wedding. (plus they’re down in “Music City” for their honeymoon so we thought it would be a good fit!) As a birthday present to him, Julia secretly hired us to come and do a shoot of Mike with his drums. He’s an up and coming musician so he has a full studio built into their house!! It was so cool to hang out and play around with these guys…and we even got inspired to do some playing ourselves. Check it out:

Playing with some directional lighting…

Playing with painting with light and multiple pops

In his studio, Mike has a cool collection of posters from some of the early Jazz greats, so we thought it would be fun to bring them into this image for the remix version.

  1. Krista Photography

    Oooh, I love the remixed version!!

  2. Eric Foley

    DJ Marantz on the remix! Sweet images.

  3. Val McCormick Photography

    How fun!!! I bet he was so excited to have you two photographing him. What an awesome gift :-)

  4. Robin Dini

    LOVE how you tweeked that last image. Very cool. You’ll have to share your black and white recipe. They always look so yummy!

  5. millie holloman

    I LOVE the mood and the lighting in that FIRST SHOT! Ahhhh-mazing!

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