March 2, 2015

Our New Profoto Video: Introducing the B2!!



Well today is definitely a BIG day!! First of all, today is the day of our Platform Talk at WPPI (come see us at 4pm in room 319-320…it’s a scary HUGE room that seats like 1000, so definitely please come help us warm up those seats!) But that’s not all! Another really huge thing is happening today that we have been excited about for months!

You guys might remember that December was kind of the month of big, secret projects. We had the work we were doing on The Academy, some stuff we were filming for the new brand, but we were also working on another project behind the scenes that we weren’t even able to mention until now & that’s because it was for a super top secret new light that Profoto was coming out with.

We had the HUGE, incredible honor of being one of only 18 photographers in the world who were selected to get a pre-production version of this new light, called the B2, and to get to test it out and make a video of us using it in action. And let me tell you, this light is incredible….all the amazing off camera capabilities of our big B1’s, but at about half the size & weight! It’s going to totally change the game for how we light & move on the fly at a wedding day!

We shot our video on location at Yale, and the whole inspiration for our shoot was a wintery, cool toned scene (kind of like the Tiffany’s ads) with tons of snow. The only problem? The whole month of December kept marching by and not a snow flake in sight. So finally, just a few days before Christmas, we took a gamble and our whole team (models, styling, makeup….and Roscoe the pup!) all came together on this day where the weather was calling for a 10% chance of snow. It wasn’t much, but it was better than the 0% it had been. So we head downtown t0 start the shoot, while the weather has now changed to calling for just rain. But the second we get out at our main location and start shooting, the whitest, fluffiest snowflakes you’ve ever seen started pouring down! And we were all freaking out! It was PERFECT!

And now we are SO happy to announce that the video has officially been picked up by Profoto and our image was one of the ones out of the 18 that has been selected to run in a bunch of their ads & brochures the rest of the year! WHAT?! So crazy! So today is the BIG day….they announced the B2 at midnight this morning! And we can now officially share our video with you guys! So without further ado……HERE IT IS!! :) And after you check this one out, be sure to head over HERE to watch all the videos & check out the BRAND NEW B2!

And a HUGE thank you to our entire creative team who dropped everything just a few days before Christmas to make this shoot happen!! We LOVE you guys!

Models: Liane Boyko & Alex Winter //Styling: Beth Chapman of The White Dress by the Shore // Hair & Makeup: Simply Gorgeous by Erin //Roscoe the Pup owned by Cheryl Cronin //Filming: Steve Depino


  1. René Tate

    I don’t know how this doesn’t have any comments! This is amazing! The ease and flexibility of the B2 is fantastic. Do we get to see anymore photos from the shoot?! :) :) Beautiful job, friends.

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