October 27, 2009

Public Service Announcement

Ahhh ain’t technology grand!?! In addition to the 7,622 emails I have to answer this morning (ok I exaggerate….but not as much as you think. In fact, it’s SCARY how “not as much as you think” it is!), we just found out that our RSS went berzerky (what? it’s a word!) this weekend and unsubscribed everyone to us on the readers. Sooooo…..if you’re following us on something like Bloglines or Google Reader, you will probably have to re-add us. I know, I know. But we have a TON of supah fun posts coming up throughout the day, so trust me it will be worth the extra work!

**PS for photographers: If you sent us a photographer question recently and haven’t heard back yet, I PROMISE we are working hard on getting back to you! There is no need to send it a second time, because see that just makes MORE email and makes it take longer to get back to you! :) So pretty please just try to be patient with us in the mean time! I promise we are working as hard as we can.

  1. Jil

    sending *happy* thoughts your way!

  2. MM

    @ Jil: LOL! Thank you!!!!

  3. Julia

    Hey guys… just so you know, this came through on my Google Reader just fine. =)

  4. MM

    oh sweet!! hopefully it’s all fixed now!

  5. Kat Forsyth

    I’m still subscribed too! So hopefully it didn’t dump as many people as you feared!

  6. MM

    Oh good!! whew!

  7. Michelle Sidles

    This brings up my (and I’m sure others) dilemmas.
    We love you and want to tell you we love & appreciate you. But we also know that you guys get swamped with tons of emails and so we, loving you the way we do, don’t want to add to that pile of emails. So do we send you a mail thanking you for ALL you do for us… OR do we not send a mail to save you the inbox overload?!
    See our dilemma? Ha!! Anyway, you guys are fabulous and if there are emails in your box from me just read and delete… don’t respond. That’s my gift to you! (((hugs)))

  8. MM

    LOL! @Michelle: No way!! You keep em coming! Your emails ALWAYS brighten my day!

  9. Tira J

    My Google reader works fine and dandy! Don’t work too hard! Enjoy your new house and each other. Loves from So Cal.

  10. Cathy Crawley

    You are still on my RSS feed ;)

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