October 12, 2015

Pursuit Conference Recap!


It’s always SO hard to try to put into words what the Pursuit Conference is every year. If you haven’t experienced it, it’s just hard to understand just HOW powerful and life changing it is year after year. Every year Justin picks me up at the airport and says “So, how was it??” And every year I try to do it justice and just come up short in finding the words that could really paint a picture of how much happens in those three short days.

So let’s start with this. If you’ve never heard of the Pursuit Conference before it is basically a women’s conference for Christian Creatives. But that’s sort of like saying the Tour de France is a biking club. This conference. Ohhhhh this conference. The way God moves there is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Here are just a few words that come to mind when I think of Pursuit: vulnerability, honesty, truth, powerful messages that blow the roof off, fire, ministry, calling, speaking life into one another. I will say that God never speaks louder to me than when I’m at this conference. And every year it becomes the jumping off point for the next things He’s going to be working on in me.

This year my talk was on “5 Sentences You Have to Stop Saying in Order to Be Brave” And the 5 that I came up with were:

1) “My Story is Not Enough” Believing that we aren’t tall enough or short enough or young enough or old enough or thin enough or beautiful enough or talented enough or experienced enough to chase whatever dream God is calling us to.

2) “Sure It’s Easy for Her” Convincing ourselves that if we just had so & so’s story or life that everything would always be easy. Buying into the mask and the lies that social media portrays of perfectly easy lives. And understanding once & for all that NO ONE has it all easy.

3) “It Has to be Perfect Before I Start” Too often in life we become the “Marthas” and become so “distracted with the preparations” that we miss it when God walks right through our front door, sits down in our living room and wants to talk to us. Instead we need to be more like Mary, pouring it all out at His feet and leaning in to listen closely to what He has to say.

4) “Yes to Everything” To quote a line from the Best Yes, “the woman who lives with the stress of an overwhelmed schedule will soon ache from the sadness of an underwhelmed soul” We have to make room in our life for the things He’s really called us to do.

5) “What if it Never Happens” In other words, what if I put all of this aside and try and give 1000% and it STILL doesn’t happen. What if I try and my worst fear comes true…that they tell me I’m still not good enough? In those cases, learning to lean into “But if not, He is still good.” and believing with our whole hearts that He has something better. Because I know from my own example that God’s No has still been some of the Best Yes’s of my life.

So that’s just a little taste of what went down this year!! If you have been thinking about coming to the next Pursuit Conference, the good news is that for the first time ever you don’t have to wait an entire year! That’s because they’ve just announced a Spring Conference for April and the seats are now open. They ALWAYS sell out and people miss it every year, so if you are feeling the call to go…definitely head over HERE and check it out!!


11240779_10102236615271988_7590441940925250628_oKatelyn & Hannah praying over me right before my talk! A HUGE thanks to Laura Yang for seeing this & capturing it!



  1. Alicia Sturdy

    LOVEEEE Cathy’s graphic and LOVE YOU!!

  2. Jessica Frey

    Always a blessing to see you and hear God speak through you at Winshape…thank you for being an instrument of His glory! Love you!

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