March 13, 2015

Pursuit Getaway in Oregon!


Last week after WPPI, I had the huge honor of being invited up to Oregon by my amazing friend Karen Stott (founder of the Pursuit Community & Intentional Home) to be a guest at their annual Pursuit Staff Getaway. And not only did I get to join them for these incredible few days away, I was also given perhaps the coolest title in the world when I was asked to be their “Visionary Advisor.” Basically, these ladies have some crazy BIG amazing dreams in the works (things that they have already put in motion & are making happen) and they wanted me there to push them to dream even bigger than that. Whoa, talk about a DREAM job for me!!

These few days away were the perfect follow up to WPPI. A chance to rest, to get grounded again in what matters, to laugh, and to have deep conversations that go into the late hours of the night. I don’t know about anybody else out there, but deep conversations are my love language! I just can’t do surface. That’s why I’m always the worst at “mix & mingle” types of situations at these conferences…people want to talk about the weather, and I want to ask them what their biggest fears, hopes & dreams are! :) Lol, it’s a problem, but I’m trying to get better!

But that definitely wasn’t a problem with these ladies! Karen, Kathleen, Kristin & Liz are four of the smartest, funniest, savviest, faith-filled, big-hearted people I’ve ever met. And spending time with them was just…easy. From our drives down the coast listening to T.Swift with our hands out the windows, to our big brainstorming sessions, to our 80s dance party on the last night…I just felt like we had all been friends for years. And that’s an incredible thing when you find it. And I’m already looking forward to years of friendship with them ahead! Here are a few of my favorite photos of our time together!




Me & Kathleen!



LOL! Karen’s got your back Kathleen!



Me & Kristin!!



Kathleen, Kristin, Karen, me & Liz! (in that order! :)


Me & my bestie from the Westie, Karen!











Love them all so much!!



Me & Liz! Karen & Liz! :)




  1. Kristin U.

    Ahhh, love this so much! And love YOU so much! You’re totally right – it was so easy to be together and such a blast! And I love your deep conversation “problem.” haha Those are my kind of conversations, too… and one reason why you’re so good at Visionary Advisor-ship! You take things deeper and ask the tough questions! :) Miss you already!! xoxo!

  2. Karena Dixon

    The photos are beautiful. I’ve copied this link into my Evernote future vacations folder. :) The idea of experiencing a place so extraordinary with friends and those deep meaningful conversations is want my soul yearns for. Cannot wait to see what you ladies dreamed up during this trip! xo (PS…love that shot of Liz with her wind blown hair.)

  3. Brittney

    Oh Mary, don’t ever think wanting to have deep conversations is EVER a problem! Quality conversations in definitely my love language. Mike and I are awful at meet and greets!!

  4. Karen Stott

    Gosh Mary.. I just love you oodles.. thank you so much for being one of the dearest friends I have, and for taking time out of your life to dream crazy big with us. We are all so much better for knowing you… and I’m so thankful for the years we’ve had and excited for what’s to come. love you boo!

  5. Jessica Frey

    This makes my heart so happy! Love seeing such beautiful faces of women I adore!

  6. Elizabeth Langford

    Love this beautiful images and so grateful for the time we got to spend together. You are such an amazing woman Mary and I’m so blessed to call you a friend! Can’t wait for the next time we get to have late night chats and talk about big dreams. xo!!

  7. Stephanie Nunley

    I just love every one of these women! What a sweet time… and a BEAUTIFUL location!! Praying for the future of pursuit and the way that The Lord is going to use you ladies!
    (Also – I totally feel you on the lack of ability to have surface conversations. I’d take one intentional conversation over a thousand parties surface relationships.)

  8. Rici

    Best title ever Mary!! Yay! One day when I plan the European What If ? conference I shall invite you ^^
    Oregon is a dream!

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