November 30, 2012

Random, Random

Some random, random musings from the mind of Mary:

*I have now worn holes in not one, but TWO pairs of Uggs. It’s right where the big toe is and always on the left foot. Which has led me to the following observations: 1) I guess I wear Uggs WAY too often, 2) I must have some sort of freak, mutant bionic left toe that no steel wall or sheep fur shoe could ever stand up to, 3) hold up, Is my left foot bigger than my right one?? and is this a sign of some serious medical condition? and 4) Wearing Uggs kind of makes me feel like a Ewok, and I like it.

* I’m pretty sure peppermint tea with honey is the elixir of the elves. It would go right along with their four major food groups: candy, candy canes, candy CORN…..and syrup.

* Speaking of which, we took my wv logger dad for his first trip ever into New York City to see the Empire State Building. When we got on the elevator, I really wanted to push all the buttons and shout “Ooooh a Christmas Tree!!” But then I realized that probably wouldn’t go over very well with homeland security. And the pat down they gave me was already enough.

* When we were in NYC, we went for dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co right in Times Square. While we were walking there, some guy saw my dad’s WVU sweatshirt and shouted “Hey Morgantown.” I guess it really is a small word after all….even in the biggest of cities.

* They are coming out with a new spin off of Boy Meets World called “Girl Meets World” where, get this, Corey & Topanga are the parents. Hold up. That should read….THE PARENTS!!!?!?! I mean, what the what?? What’s next? Saved By the Bell: The Retirement Home years. I feel old.

* For the What’s Next Tour, we are looking into renting a bus to be able to drive over night. This makes me want to learn how to play the guitar and find a tattooed roadie named Rowdy. Yea, Rowdy the roadie, that seems about right.

*We have a wedding tomorrow after a couple weeks off and I’m nervous. I don’t think that feeling ever goes away.

* I’m not sure who is need of grooming more: me or Cooper. Right now it’s looking like a tie. Although he definitely pulls off the permed look better than me or Debbie Gibson ever could!

Yea that’s about it.

Happy (Random, Random) Friday y’all!

***Also, don’t forget that today at midnight is the LAST chance to get your entries in (video or written) to be in our in studio audience for Showit LIVE!! Email your submissions to & we’ll be announcing the winners next week!

  1. sharon elizabeth

    love that sweet picture!!!! sooo wish i could come up during those days – even thought about rescheduling my plans for those days to do so!

  2. Jen

    Hahahahaha! Possibly the best blog post ever.

  3. Laura Fisher

    I would probably watch Saved By The Bell: The Retirement Years. Not gonna lie.

  4. Anna Sawin

    What! I guess I’ve been out of touch, so THRILLED for you gusy about creative live! I’ve never entered to be in a studio audience, but I will now–you guys are WICKED big time! LOVE IT!

  5. Anna Sawin

    Annnnnnd I just reread it. Apparently I need glasses. And the will be calling in about four minutes for you guys. Still bigtime, still need to apply, love it!

  6. Rachel McCloud

    I love it when you post pictures of Cooper. :) My husband got married a little over a year ago and it is the longest I’ve been without a dog. I’m going crazy. Thankfully a golden retriever will be joining us in February :)

  7. spring

    GIRL MEETS WORLD?? Insanity I must find more info.

  8. Monica Justesen Photography

    Couldn’t agree more about the tea!

    Can’t wait to see all the winners!

  9. Tricia

    Hilarious. On the Ugg dilemma, do you know they sell replacement fur/inserts? Nordstrom is your friend. Lol

  10. Tricia

    Hilarious. On the Ugg dilemma, do you know they sell replacement fur/inserts? Nordstrom is your friend. Lol

  11. Erin Schrad

    Even a quicky shot of Cooper for the blog gets the J&M one-light treatment… love it!


    My cousin is dating a logger who, in the off season, is a roadie. His actual birth name is, I swear, Rowdy.

  13. Emily Massey

    This post made me laugh! And made me want to watch elf :)

  14. Kristin

    Love it…especially the elf references…because for some reason that movie is awesome even after watching it 436 times.

  15. Brendon

    This is one of my favorite blog posts in quite a while! -The Old Brendon (I see I have competition now)

  16. Rhea

    How’s this for a small world…I am from Ansted, WV and have been to Richwood several times! Only a select few in the world have seen those creepy lumberjack eyes glow on the football field :)

  17. Isaac

    Love everything about this post! Especially the Elf quotes! :)

  18. Christa

    I love random blog posts :) and even better with a shot of Cooper!

  19. Paul

    Coop is looking so dashing! Our Toby needs a trim. When is hair gets long it makes him look like a little old man!

  20. Jaime&Chase

    And this is why we love you…plus a multitude of other reasons. Yeah, Rowdy good idea!

  21. Karen Bonar

    well, my RIGHT foot is bigger than my LEFT foot … if you wear size 10/11 narrow, we could be BFFs. ;)

  22. Eryn Kesler

    Girl Meets World!!! I just saw that posted on FB, and I’ll admit it, I’m totally going to watch it. I heart Corey and Topanga!!

  23. eryn kesler

    ps…I’m excited for the announcement next week!! I totally submitted a video.

  24. Alli McWhinney

    I laughed out loud with your Saved by the Bell comment…and so true, I feel way old! HA!

  25. Abby Grace

    Augh! How the heck did I miss the ShowIt live announcement?? DANGIT! I totally would have entered!!

  26. lori

    Ditto Jen’s comment. Mary…I think I love you. Weird? Maybe. But you’re sooo my brand of humor and musings.

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