September 9, 2015

Real World Results: 3 Photographers in the Field

Ok, this is really cool! Over the past few months since we released our J&M Lighting Guide, we’ve gotten a ton of emails thanking us for it and saying how it was such huge help. And that’s been awesome, because that was exactly what we were hoping for when we wrote it! To take this scary, technical, overwhelming thing and actually make it relatable and accessible and easy to understand.  And to show people that they can do this.

But what’s been really amazing, is that in just the last week we have gotten emails from three separate photographers in three different parts of the country & in different stages of their businesses- actually showing US the results that they’ve been getting. This time, along with the thank you came the photos to drive it home!

And what I think is so great about that, is that it’s one thing for us (who have been using flash for years!) to tell you that we just whipped out a one light set up and rocked that tough situation at a wedding day….but it’s a whole other ballgame when someone who just picked up a flash for the first time this YEAR can do it. Or when someone who has been hating the unnatural, artificial look they’ve been getting for years with flash….and can now make it look just like window light. That’s powerful! And it’s way more impressive than anything we could tell you. So let’s hear from them! Here is what we heard from 3 Photographers in the Field about their Real World Results after reading the Lighting Guide!


Abby Grace Photography“Hey J&M! Well, it finally happened- I’d been dreading being in a bridal suite that had no usable, natural light for detail shots, and last weekend I walked right into it. Everything you’ve taught me about lighting…it saved my life today!! There was NOWHERE to shoot the bride’s details today, so I whipped out my octa + reflector and it worked BEAUTIFULLY. I just want you to know that the 2012 version of me would have broken out in a nervous sweat, but after learning from you guys, I knew exactly what to do! In the end, the result was beautiful, softly-lit detail shots that look just as organic as my natural-light detail photographs! And as an added bonus, I looked like a total boss in front of my bride. Seriously, thank you so much!!!” ** If you want to hear more about Abby’s experience with the Lighting Guide, be sure to check out her blog today by going HERE…she also has a special code she’s sharing that will save you a bunch of money off the guide!! 


Irena Mandel Photography. “J&M! I finally took the plunge to upgrade my lighting setup per your recommendations in the lighting guide and I was doing a little practice this afternoon. I cut out all the ambient light and just used my speedlites + modifiers to light my practice details. It was magic. Oh my god, Mary. SO gorgeous. Look!! On top of a crappy mattress pad even! To put it simply…The Lighting Guide has changed the way I shoot. You have shown me how I can use OCF without making everything look like it’s being abducted by aliens. I have seen the light, and it is Good. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It’s given me the confidence I’ve needed to be able to tackle any lighting situation. Now to put it to the test with my next wedding! xoxoxoxoxoxo Irena P.S. feel free to use this in a lighting post or in any way to promote your Lighting Guide. It should be required reading for EVERY photographer!”


Heidi Calma Photography. “Earlier this year, I invested in the Justin and Mary Lighting Guide. Oh photographer friends! This is a game-changer! I read the entire thing cover to cover in one sitting and probably more than ten times since. There were lightbulbs all over the place (good pun, right?!)! It was like all of the things I had been struggling with in terms of lighting and interest and dimension made so much more sense! It’s changed so much about how I am shooting details, receptions, and people. I still have so much to learn, but it is incredibly empowering to know that regardless of the lighting situation– dark churches, dreary getting ready rooms, and even open air, pitch black (except for string lighting) receptions! (Two of those situations happened this past weekend at a wedding (dark church and open air reception) and having a working knowledge of a one light off camera flash set up made the entire day a success! I think what has been the most amazing part I’ve learned about using a flash is it doesn’t have to look flash-y. I didn’t realize that it could look completely natural and exactly like directional light coming from a window or doorway. It is constantly blowing my mind!”

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 10.07.18 AMSo awesome!! And remember, if you want to grab your OWN copy of the Lighting Guide be sure to head over to Abby’s blog to grab that code & save some money! :)



  1. Abby Grace

    I am SO grateful for everything I’ve learned from you guys over the years! Thanks for saving my behind last Saturday :).

  2. Irena

    You guys are my heroes. I know this wedding this weekend is going to be the best I’ve ever shot! I have you to thank!

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