July 28, 2016

Remember This Moment: Atticus is Growing UP!


You guys, yesterday Atticus lost his first puppy tooth. His first tooth. Our little guy is getting BIG! And of course it’s happening way too fast and we are doing everything we can to try to soak it all in. I can’t even believe how much he has changed since we took this picture. He’s still the cutest of course but he’s less round tub o’ chub and now he’s all legs and paws and floppy ears. I can still pick him up and slow dance with him, but I know from Cooper just how quickly those days will be over and how much I’ll miss them (try picking up an 80lb full grown golden retriever and getting them to slow dance with you! ha! it’s more like them picking YOU up!) So we’re going to head out this weekend somewhere and try to get some more photos of Atticus at this stage because I know we’ll blink and he’ll be even bigger. And I also wanted to make a list of all the things that are making us laugh & filling up our days having him as a puppy so that we never forget!

*I love every morning when Atti comes jingle-jangling down the steps and rounds the corner to see me for the first time. He always comes running and then jumps up on the couch with me and snuggles a bit before going outside. He is such a love!

*He pretty much walks himself! Every morning when I take him out, I wait at the top of the deck stairs and he just walks himself down the steps, prances down the driveway and over to the grass. Then he comes running back to me when he’s done. I have NEVER seen a puppy do that before and it’s the funniest thing.

*He’s a lover AND a fighter! He is maybe the snuggliest dog I’ve ever seen. Cooper took a little while to warm up to us when we first brought him home and we had to keep picking him up to bring him to wherever we were. Atti is always right wherever we are and he loves to be held. Everybody always comments on how CHILL he is as a puppy and what a mush he is. And that’s mostly true…until it’s time to pick on his big brother. He starts SO many fights! Hahah he loves to pull Cooper’s tail and they will often walk around the house like that like elephants or something…Cooper leading and Atti attached to his tail. Atticus will also bark until Coop plays with him, and if he doesn’t right away then Atti will let out this “whoa is me, nobody loves me” little howl that is pretty much the funniest thing we’ve ever seen.

*He loves his lobster, his rope, and his moose antler. And he chews them ALL the time.

*He can sit, shake, lay down, and touch. And he learned all of them in record time. We think having Cooper to watch definitely sped up that process.

*He slept through the night from the third night we had him home, and now he comes upstairs and puts himself in his crate when it’s time to go to bed.

*He loves slow dancing and buries his face in my neck. It’s my favorite thing ever.

*But he can also be crazy and has started doing that race around the room at warp speed thing.

*He’s SO skinny right now as he’s growing so fast, but SO heavy too. I don’t know how he does both.

*He loves people, but I secretly think Cooper is his favorite.

*He watches the tv like he really follows what’s going on and turns his head side to side with the conversation.

*He is NOT a fan of swimming or the water yet. Cooper went right in the first day we had him and he would be in the water every minute of every day if we let him. Atti, not so much.

*Atticus and Cooper sleep side by side now. It used to be that Atti would bug Cooper so much that he would run away, but they are best buds now!

*He loves to give kisses…but he’ll also bite your hand.

*He travels great in the car! We don’t hear a peep out of him and he’s done great from the very first trip.

*He knows his name. Occasionally it will come up on tv…that cracks me up.

*He is totally at home here and seemed like he was happy to be home from the very first day. Again, I think Cooper is a big part of that!

These definitely are the days! And I hope we always Remember This Moment.



  1. Michele

    Our Bernese Mountain Dog is about to turn 1. It’s pretty crazy how quickly our pups grow. Enjoy all the moments. He’ll never be anyone else’s pup.

  2. Stephanie Stewart

    What a sweet pup! I loved reading about him and Atticus! And I can totally relate to the crazy race around the house at warp speed thing! So funny! It’s no surprise that he’s a little lover, with you and Justin and Cooper guiding him! Give him a squeeze for me! :)

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