May 11, 2011


…so try and savor every second of it.

Yesterday we held hands. We sipped and savored good wine with good friends. We stared out from a mountain top at the world below. We stood in wonder. And we held on as long as we could.

One day this too shall all pass away. And I want to be able to say….I lived every second while I could.

  1. Jil

    getting ready to start my 5 hour property final … i totally needed this!! thanks M!

  2. MM

    OOOH property….they split the whale!! :)

  3. Kristin H.

    Omg I am in LOVE with your scarf.

  4. Kristin H.

    Omg I am in LOVE with your scarf.

  5. Kristin H.

    Omg I am in LOVE with your scarf.

  6. Kristin H.

    Omg I am in LOVE with your scarf.

  7. Kristin H.

    Omg I am in LOVE with your scarf.

  8. grandmaIna

    For bad things, think "This too shall pass", but for the happy things just feel lucky and enjoy them!

  9. Katie

    I needed this. Thanks!

  10. Ray

    Love, love, love. <3 Sad, but true.

  11. Kimberly Wilson

    Oh, guys… I so needed read this right now. My hubby and I are in Rome, Italy for our first big, overseas vacation and I’ve been giddy about our trip for months! But, soon after arriving, I received news from home that my nanny was ill and in the hospital, and my whole heart sunk, my tears poured and my trip was suddenly not so important or enjoyable anymore. Its been two days since the news,and I’ve been moping through Venice and now Rome, not really looking around me and enjoying where I am and certainly NOT savoring every second of it. But I so want to!! I want to breath in the Italian air and stand in wonder and awe at the unimaginable amount of art and beauty around me at this given moment and be thankful that I’m here, in this place, at this time. I got an email today that my nanny is still affected, but when asked, "do you remember Kim? Do you remember she is in Italy?" she replied, "yes I know Kim is in Italy.  She is loving me from Italy!" So, that is my new goal for the remainder of my trip, to follow your lead, savor EVERY second and continue to love my life, and my family from Italy. Thank you so much for your beautiful spirits and willingness to inspire the rest of us when we need it most!!

  12. Heather Corporan

    Thank you thank you thank you for this very simple but significant post! I needed to be reminded of this today.

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