May 28, 2014

Robison Mansion Colorado Wedding: Rene & John

Happy Thursday!!

So we were supposed to share Rene & John’s stunning Robison Mansion wedding yesterday, but our server was down all day. Apparently, we got a TON of traffic from our Nantucket pictures, and they shut us down! How rude, right?? :) We’re still working out some kinks, but for the most part we’re back up & running! So without further ado….Rene & John’s big day!

These two were married this past Sunday, when every weather report was calling for thunderstorms all day. As we drove up to the mansion, there was thunder & lightning and we could see crazy big storms in either direction. But as the time for the ceremony approached, the clouds parted and bright, golden sunshine emerged. And it stayed that way all day!

Rene & John had an absolutely gorgeous pink-themed wedding and the flowers? The flowers were INCREDIBLE!! Rene is a photographer herself, so we had no doubt it was going to be amazing! Theirs was a day filled with family and thankfulness and DANCING….all the important things! And there were a few things that made their day extra special. The first is that Rene & John’s First Kiss was their actual first kiss. So when that part in the ceremony came, everyone broke out into cheering and I’ve never heard that much glass clinking at a reception in my life! :) The other thing that made their day so amazing, was that you could just tell that everyone surrounding them was really pulling for them and this marriage. They believed in them. They believe in this life that they’re starting together. And you could just tell that they are going to be cheering for them for the rest of their lives!

Rene & John, thank you SO much for inviting us in and making us such a part of your day. Thank you for hiring us before you were even officially engaged…what a HUGE honor that is! Thank you for sharing your love with us and your happiness. It was truly an honor to witness. And my hope is that you’ll still be loving just like this for the next fifty years!

So much love,

Venue: Robison Mansion
Event Coordination: Entwined Planning
Beauty: Spice Hair
Blooms: Charlene Canady
Catering: Classic Catering
Baker: Sweet Cheeks Cakery
Photography: Justin & Mary, but we couldn’t have done half as much without our ahhh-mazing second shooter for the day Miss Sarah Perkins !!

  1. Urška Majer

    So stunning :)

  2. Leah Love

    Love! Your day looked amazing and so do you! Congratulations to both of you!

  3. lindsay

    Absolutely breath-taking! You two were the PERFECT photographers for this couple and their day!

  4. Vanessa Chupp

    So many beautiful photos!! So glad the storm cleared for them!!

  5. Sindy

    Oh my goodness. These are just breathtaking images!

  6. Tiffany Farley


  7. Beth Reynolds

    Absolutely beautiful!

  8. Deborah Zoe

    I love her dress!! The image with the Bride holding the bible is amazing!! And your editing style is just killer!!

  9. Scott Miura

    B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!! I wouldn’t have expected anything less from you both Justin & Mary. It truly was a magical day for Rene and John and you captured it so elegantly! It was great to see you both at the wedding and thank you for sharing.

  10. Ashley

    Gorgeous!!! Rene, you are a beautiful bride. These pictures are just amazing. What an elegant wedding! Many blessings to you both!

  11. Jesie McElroy

    Oh, my gosh. What do I say? I have seen a lot of weddings. A lot. And maybe I’m a little partial, but this was the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever been to. There’s so much to capture about our friends and you (J&M) nailed it. You captured their love for the Lord, their love for each other, and…well…their love for the dance floor :) And that KISS! One of the best moments in history. Thank you for making my best friend’s dreams come true. It was an honor to have you with us on that day!

  12. Entwined Planning

    So gorgeous! You captured the day so well! Stunning couple – we loved working with them to plan their wedding and it came together beautifully! Lovely to work with you as well! xoxo

  13. Jessica Simons

    Oh my goodness! This are BEAUTIFUL, and so full of joy. Rene, you were stunning!

  14. Melissa

    I am speechless. These are so beautiful. This is everything elegant, and timeless. Simply beautiful for such a beautiful couple! #reneandjohnatlast

  15. Jessie

    Oh my goodness!! Just amazing photos, amazing bride & groom! Renee is just stunning!! That dress!!! Congrats! xo

  16. Maretta at The Robison Mansion & Carriage Hous

    These are absolutely AMAZING! They (the couple & the photos) are truly breathtaking!

  17. René & John

    We can’t stop looking at these! We sort of have a no electronics rule on our honeymoon, but we’re gladly breaking it time and time again today! Honestly, I feel like our wedding was a DREAM. Like it didn’t really happen. Like the weather wasn’t actually that perfect. Like everything went as planned. A dream. The only thing reminding me that this amazing day is reality is the gold band on my left finger, my handsome husband kissing me, and these incredible images. We’ve waited a long, long time for this day. Mary and Justin, thank you. I feel like our time was so brief with you. We appreciate you just letting us be in the moment all day and you silencing working pure magic on the sides. I have no doubt that you’ve captured everything we imagined and more. You definitely have a gift. We are so blessed to be able to remember this dream of a day so clearly through your beautiful and thorough documentation and artistry. We love you. And we love these images that are the start of our legacy and the continuation of our parents’. <3 Love love love you guys. Thank you a million times for everything.

  18. Patty Deniston

    It was six years ago, when we explored together the Hebrew Quavah, a term for faith-filled waiting on the Lord. That combination of waiting and trusting was never more poignant to me than on your wedding day. While the forecast I had been tracking all week predicted only 0%-30% chance of precipitation the sky grew darker through the morning as plans went forward in trust. By early afternoon the sun was a glimmer which grew to a radiance blessing your wedding ceremony. God is so close. I also appreciated your desire to honor God: in your vows to put Christ first, and not to substitute your spouse for life with a capital "L"; in your Best Man’s Epic toast; and in the cross so lovingly made by your Dad.
    I’d like to acknowledge Classic Catering for accommodating the many, many details of our wedding reception. I know how much time it took on my end and am grateful for our plans being carried seamlessly to completion:)

  19. Katie

    absolutely stunning! love love love!

  20. Kelly Jerrold

    Looking at these pictures I need that hankie Jesie soaked. It was a beautiful wedding and these photos completely served it well! Favorites?… well Rene’ holding the OLD Bible, John & Rene’ in front of the cross, John on the dance floor, the one in front of the screen…and the kiss. Btw Reen…I think you stole a kiss before he said you could! lol

  21. Gail

    Oh gosh, I’m SO behind in blog stalking you guys that I didn’t realize you had shot Rene’s wedding! I met her at a workshop back in ’09 — she’s a great photographer! And on that note, so are you guys! These are SO FANTASTIC! Rene, you looked like a VISION!

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