December 8, 2009

Romance, WV Wedding: Rachel & Terry (Part II)

And now, Part II of Rachel & Terry’s Romance, WV Wedding!!!

Right after the ceremony, we snuck off to grab a few pictures while R&T soaked in the feeling of being married!! This is something we like to do with all of our couples because you can never get back that what I like to call “Holy crap we’re married!!!” feeling!!! :)

Yea….I know! Rachel lived by Karen Bussen’s Simple Stunning Wedding Planner, and this candle set up came straight from there!

Now how about this for things working out perfectly: it had POURED the entire day. Like with massive flooding and all. But as soon as R&T were ready to walk out of the church: it stopped. Just long enough for us to grab some super fun portraits with the crazy fog in the background!!

Now, back to the peacock feathers!! They were in the flowers, as you can see, and then each bridesmaid wore a different one. We have a necklace, a belt and a hairpiece!!

Super cute!!

Ok….so now I have to give a lil’ dissertation on the power of Yes. Sure, sure it’s also probably a dissertation on the power of Asking, but really it was all about the Yes. The coordinator at the Clay Center was the BOMB DOT COM!!! Seriously!! See, Justin & I ever so innocently asked if they could just, y’know, open up the entire theatre and give us unfettered access to it….FULLY expecting to be shot down Top Gun Maverick style….when this coordinator simply said: Yes.

Ahhhh, yes. The sweetest word I’ve ever heard. And it didn’t stop there.

Ok….but could we play with the house lights to light everything up? Yes. Hmmm really? Well what about the stage? Can we go on the stage? Yes. Uh huh, well how about that Steinway baby grand you got there that’s probably worth about $100k? Can we let our bride sit on it with her red heels on….would that be possible?

Yes. And let me take the cover off for you.

And as they say, that has made all the difference. So thank you Clay Center coordinator lady. If you lived in CT, we would be best friends forever. Muah!

I kept telling these guys to rock it Mad Men style. Even though none of us really knew what that meant. But somehow, these guys just GOT IT!!! BAM!!!

Yes, she is the cutest thing EVER!!

First Dance


So Matt the Best Man was actually one of our very first clients from 2006. Terry was the best man in his wedding and that’s how these guys found us. Erica (Matt’s wife) was also a bridesmaid (the one with the peacock feather headpiece), so it was like the best reunion ever! I love it when that happens!

Stay tuned for more of those killer details coming up!!

  1. Laura

    STUNNING portraits in the theater. Such a unique opportunity. Adorable dress… any idea who the designer is?

  2. Amy Clifton

    Most adorable dress EVER! Love the shots of her looking back in the field and her sitting on the piano. And the peacock belt–ooooooooo, love it!!

  3. laura

    i cannot stop looking at these stunning images – i am drooling! thank you for sharing your amazing talent, creativity, and care that clearly shows in every image.

  4. rachel darley

    these are so classic and beautiful and omgosh what a stunning couple. Seriously. I am blown away. I love the "Mad men" shots. =). You guys keep raisin’ that bar up higher and higher!

  5. Gwendolyn Tundermann

    Wow!! Soooo gorgeous!

  6. Jackie Beale

    oooooooooooh I love her kate spade shoes. She is beautiful and I love the overall style of the wedding :)

  7. Christa

    Love the piano shots!

  8. Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    totally digging the peacock feathers!

    Aaaaand the red shoes on the piano keys. Sassy! :)

  9. Sarah Cazee

    This girl has the best skin I’ve ever seen! These are gorgeous, well done.

  10. Alison

    I am completely in love with the piano shots, especially the one of her legs. I have been itching to play around in a theatre, trying to find the right subjects. What a gorgeous wedding!

  11. Samantha Harkins

    I think these may be the best shots I’ve ever seen. Ever. Love, love, love it!

  12. Emily

    Wow what an AMAZING wedding!!! I love all the details, especially the peacock feathers. And the theatre?! How cool is that! I LOVE the images on the piano!

  13. Yuka photo art

    This couple is just gorgeouse! I adore bride’s style!!!!!!!!! Every picture is amazing!

  14. Jil

    seriously?!! i think this is the best yet guys… AWE-SOME

  15. Heather Corporan

    I’m pretty much speechless. But what I can say is this couples wedding pics should become part of a wedding plannig book, or just perhaps a book? lol. They are so timeless and classic, almost unreal. Bravo!!!

  16. Pamela

    The piano pictures are SO SPECIAL. They bring back the many memories of listening to you practice and perform. I will never forget the times I would quietly sit in the room while you gave me my own private concert.

  17. Pamela (Mom)

    I love the stairway picture. It is a subtle portrayal of you walking away from us into a life and a home of your own. Justin and Mary you captured it all!

  18. Jax Sperling

    Seriously beautiful Rach!

  19. Gina Meola


  20. Ray

    OMG!!! Awesomeness all around!!! I LOVE the black & white "Mad Men" photo and the photo to follow that. So fun. ;o) And those photos of Rachel & Terry working the piano are just KILLER (I especially love the close-up shot of Rachel’s dress and her red shoes)!!!! Gorgeous, gorgeous. And awesome up-close portraits of Rachel & Terry as well. You guys are SO talented. =D

  21. Andrea Berg

    Gorgeous wedding! You two look so happy! Rachel is stunning!

  22. Gabi

    Beautiful pictures for a beautiful couple!

  23. Veronica

    Absolutely beautiful!

  24. Anthony

    Your wife is hot, Terry!

  25. William Sloan III

    WoW that really is an awesome wedding. The photography is awesome I love it! Shes beautiful you must of got rich recently :P

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