July 20, 2011

Saltwater Farm Vineyard Wedding: Julia & Tom (Part I)

Good morning!

As promised, all day today we will be featuring the adorable Sperry Tent & Saltwater Farm Vineyard wedding of Julia & Tom. With HUGE thanks to Gina at A Thyme to Cook and Events by Amy for the gorgeous set up, and Miss Jennie Fresa and The White Dress by the Shore for making Julia look extra beautiful!

Married: Julia & Tom

  1. Abby Grace

    ooh I love the shot of him kissing her hand! And the light where yall did the first look is absolutely breathtaking. So so lovely!

  2. Kellie Kano

    Stunning, storytelling images. The black & white where he’s kissing her hand? Goosebumps.

  3. Suzanne Larocque

    What a great venue! I absolutely love the love notes! But my favorite is the b/w image of him looking at her. Beautiful job, as always!

  4. Jennie Fresa

    my heart is singing! so beautiful! such a pleasure to be a part Julia and Tom’s wedding! xo

  5. Julia R

    As I said on Facebook, Mary, usually starting the day crying at my desk is not a good thing…except for today! THANK you for these incredible photos that bring back every ounce of the emotions we were feeling! xoxox

  6. Girish

    Very nice. Like the detail shots and the photography of the bride/groom and both. What amazing light.

  7. Howard

    Hooray! Beautiful pics! I’m so excited to see these.

  8. Josh

    What a beautiful couple.

  9. Risa

    A happy day and a happy couple! The photos are lovely. Thank you for sharing your special day with us.

  10. Joan Gabel-Myers

    Julia looks as radiant as the diamond in her ring! And, Tom is one hell of a classy guy…I love all the poses! But mostly, I am just super glad that they are so in love and happy!

  11. kittee

    such a pretty dress! i love these photos. wish i could have made it. love you guys. xo kittee

  12. Roberta

    Julia and Tom: The happiness just oozes out of your faces. Great pix that will be so meaningful to you both thru the years.

  13. Angela

    Such gorgeous rings, necklace and everything else!!

  14. Pat

    Sorry we had to miss this first class event for a first class couple. Beautiful photos! Love and Hugs to you both.

  15. Karen Auerbach

    great photos wonderful wedding and couple

  16. ruddy g

    beautiful photos!!! that julia is swell!

  17. Amy Clifton

    Holy gorgeous!

  18. Randy

    Julia and Tom-you complement each other in all ways. I’m confident the pure joy on your faces will continue for a lifetime together.

  19. Allie Thomas

    I love the ring and the dress. You looked amazing that day, as you were glowing. I love the photos.

  20. Leslie DePalma

    Wow……these photos capture all the elements of true love.

  21. Hilary

    Now that is true love :) It was a wonderful day and I hope these photos help you remember it for years and years to come. p.s. leave it to Joan to comment on the diamond!!!!

  22. Uncle Michael

    Beautiful photos from a beautiful day .

  23. Seth

    I bet the cake was great!

  24. Arielle

    I love my cousins!

  25. Alyssa

    How pretty!!!!

  26. Darcy

    Just gorgeous – J, you are SO stunning!!

  27. DJB

    Of this set, I like the last one the best…

  28. Megan

    Of course I love to see the happy couple, but I think my favorite picture is the dress against the dark wood wall — just stunning.

  29. Ginny

    Beautiful Bride and Handsome groom!!

  30. Lisa

    Amazing photos that really captured what a magnificent day it was!

  31. Rabbi John

    I hope you both continue to beam at one another always as you do in these wonderful photos!

  32. Sarah J

    Eek! So beautiful! These are such lovely photos of such lovely people :-) What a wonderful day it was…

  33. Amber

    So gorgeous… Tom & Julia’s love and happiness are perfectly captured in these pictures!

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  35. ap

    two great pairs! justin & mary perfectly captured the intimacy and elegance of julia & tom’s wedding.

  36. Julia R

    Wow, Tom and I feel so loved! Thank you everyone for your incredibly kind words and thanks again to J, M, & J2 for these photos. We will cherish them always! xoxo

  37. Molly

    These images are so light and lovely! Beautiful couple!

  38. Rebecca & Tony


  39. Elaine Bradley

    Beautiful bride, Handsome groom. Loved the b/w photos.

  40. starla

    beautiful pictures

  41. Ray

    That photo of the groom kissing the bride’s hand is so powerful. And so beautiful. I love always how they both wrote letters to one another. There’s nothing better than that. <3

  42. lea

    absolutely gorgeous! i love the photos of the letters…such a sweet touch!

  43. Marianne

    The combination of b/w and color photos is great. Beautiful gown, Julia, and Tom surely looks handsome!! Have a wonderful life!

  44. Merrily

    Lovely photos of a truly sweet couple…and happily the sun shone brightly after all!

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