July 20, 2011

Saltwater Farm Vineyard Wedding: Julia & Tom (Part II)

And now….Part II!!

  1. Abby Grace

    That chuppah is awesome! I love the location of it, too! The lighting in the reception? magnifique.

  2. Jil

    everyone in these images are GLOWING! and not just from your amazing camera work … they all seem immensely, genuinely happy. beautifully captured!!

  3. Howard

    Julia and Tom, you looked fantastic. Great pics!

  4. Joanna

    How wonderful to relive that beautiful day/night. You captured my cousins on their big day in an amazing way!

  5. Dan

    Nice pics.

  6. Josh

    Perfect ending to a perfect day!

  7. kittee

    y’all are beautiful! great job.
    xo kittee

  8. Roberta

    Pix are fabulous; what a beautiful couple you are. Many years of happy life together.

  9. Dena & Keith

    Jules & Tom- we are so grateful to have been part of your special day! Una pareja marivillosa! Buena vida andando juntos. Besos Y abrazos. xoxo

  10. Angela Wallis

    The whole day was perfect, and so were the photographers. Julia and Tom, you have fantastic photos to treasure forever!

  11. sandy

    Loved the pictures of you guys walking down the vineyard where the grapes were growing.
    `Beautiful pictures of the both of you and soo in love-The day was ideal

  12. Reid

    Beautiful! Can’t wait to catch up with you guys in DC.

  13. Karen Auerbach

    Wonderful day for a wedding

  14. Lisa

    Fabulous photos that really captured what a special day it was!

  15. Tom

    that tom is one good lookin fella!

  16. Ellen

    Love the pictures and the beautiful couple who made them all possible.

  17. Julia R

    Thanks J, M, & J2! These are fabulous!!!

  18. Randy

    The venue was fabulous and the weather gods really delivered on your day. It was an awesome celebration of your love for each other.

  19. allie thomas

    Really captured the day in these photos. What great memories these capture. Fantastic job.

  20. Leslie DePalma

    The photos are absolutely beautiful! I am impressed with both color and black and white. Can’t wait to see the rest.

  21. Hilary

    What beautiful pictures!! Special memories of a very special day…

  22. Michael Black

    Tom and Julia,

    The pictures are beautiful.
    What a wonderful day!!!

  23. MDB

    Beautiful day, beautiful location, beautiful ceremony, beautiful bride (groom wasn’t beautiful), good food … and great pix to remember it all !

  24. Amy Oved

    Great Wedding the phtographer was awesome to work with !! Glad you liked the flowers we had a wonderful time!!

  25. Seth

    Congrats Julia and Tom!!!

  26. Arielle

    Ooohhhh pretty dress!

  27. Alyssa

    I like the rings!!!!

  28. Darcy

    LOVE the one where Tom is kissing you on the cheek and you have the absolute biggest smile on your face! It is so great to see you two so happy together! <3<3

  29. DJB

    My favorite of these is the one in the vineyard where Julia is resting her head, very satisfiedly, on Tom’s shoulder.

  30. Megan

    What a perfect day and stunning venue for such a wonderful couple! The photobooth was a clever, fun touch of the unexpected.

  31. Ginny

    Such wonderful memories!!

  32. Saralee

    Your wedding was beautiful and so are the pictures. Many, Many Happy and Healthy years together. We love you

  33. Janene

    Some really great pics. Sorry we missed it, but heard everything was beautiful.

  34. John

    Wonderful pictures. Wonderful couple. Wonderful day!

  35. John

    Wonderful pictures. Wonderful couple. Wonderful day!

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  37. Sarah J

    Still more loveliness! I love the one of Tom kissing Julia’s cheek. The look on your face, Julia! Love it.

  38. Amber

    The photos are absolutely stunning, as are the bride and groom!

  39. Kristin H.

    Ahh! Everything is so gorgeous!!! LOVE the tables and the flowers! Tom’s face looking at you adoringly in the first dance picture is so sweet. And Julia, you were (and are) absolutely stunning :)

  40. ap

    justin & mary – you both have a great eye for framing your shots. call me a fan! i love the layout for post part II; it a great story, start to finish.

  41. Julia

    Wow…thanks for all the love and kind words everyone! xoxox

  42. Lura Taub

    Beautiful pictures! Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day!

  43. Rich Taub

    Hey Tom, We had a great time at your wedding. We hope to see you soon.


  44. Dani Newsome

    Hi, I’m a friend of Lura and Rich Taub (was in the wedding party), and Lura showed me your photos. I really like the black and white ones. Congratulations!

  45. Rebecca & Tony

    We had a wonderful time! What a festive night. And lovely photos!

  46. Starla

    The wedding was beautiful and you could feel the love. So happy for you both.

  47. Elaine

    Beautiful wedding gorgeous day
    loved the black and white photos.

  48. lea

    beautiful photos of a beautiful day!

  49. Marianne

    Beautiful pix; wonderful couple!!

  50. Merrily

    Come back to the site of these lovely photos, revisit your memories here often….

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