September 24, 2010

Saltwater Farm Vineyard Wedding: Kerry & Andrew (Part I)

Alright friends! Hopefully most of you are about to punch out for a fabulous weekend, but allow me to send you off right with a lil’ eye candy overload. This is just Part I of Kerry & Andrew’s stunning Saltwater Farm wedding and there is so much more goodness to come. But this should hopefully be enough to sweeten the end of your workweek and bring you back for more! :)

Married: Kerry & Andrew

**More on this to come, but we have to give a shout out to the veritable dream team Kerry & Andrew put together for their wedding: Miss Sarah True of True Event, Lucinda Wesson of Chocolate Creative Design, Merrily & Michael of Saltwater Farm Vineyard, Yumiko Fletcher of Hana Floral Design, Jordan Caterers, Victoria of Toria Dolce, Miss Jennie Fresa of the Jennie Fresa Beauty Library , DJ Doug from Power Posse, and Mike Cyr from Buzz Media workin’ video. Yea…..Dang! :)

A Jenny Lee dress from Kleinfeld’s and a pair of ruffly shoes? Yes please!

I just ADORED Kerry’s dress. It’s as fierce and fabulous as she is. :)

Miss Jennie Fresa doin her thang.

Meanwhile, Justin went to check in on our handsome groom & his guys.

Dress time!

Kerry, Kerry, Kerry…there are no words. I just adore you and you are too much gorgeousness for any one photographer to handle. That’s why we bring three! :)


Kerry you shine. Really you do. You=stunning.

Kerry & I hopped on the trolley to make our way to the first look….

…and this was her face when she saw Andrew standing by the Stonington Lighthouse. And then it got all teary. :)

Gahhhhh. Love!

After Kerry & Andrew had time to soak in their first look, we started workin some portraits J&M (&J2) style.


LOVE this one!

Andrew’s tie=awesome!

So as we were shooting some portraits, Miss Yumiko showed up with the bouquets. And my jaw nearly hit the ground. How incredible is this wrap?!

And the color!!

So after the first look, we made our way to the Calvary Church in Stonington which has pretty much the strictest rules for photographers of anywhere we’ve ever shot. Ever. It was tough, but we love us a good challenge! We said a little prayer, and did the very best we could. In the end and considering where we all had to stay, I’m really psyched with what we got!

Love that face!

Mr. & Mrs!!

After the ceremony, I hopped back on the trolley with the newlyweds and we made our way to Saltwater Farm to get this party started!!

Stay tuned for Part II coming soon!!

  1. Deyla Huss Photography

    Good Grief these are beautiful!! I adore her dress and her flowers!! Gahhhhh Im loving this you guys! beautiful work!

  2. Alicia Candelora


    Especially that sunflare on the bridal party flowers :)

  3. Jensey

    She looks soooo beautiful… She looks like she could be an old silent movie star. ;)

  4. Kristin

    Yay Kerry!! Congrats!! I am in LOVE with your dress and you look absolutely gorgeous!!! Can’t WAIT to see SW part 2. J,M&J2 you totally rocked the closets ceremony pics are awesome!

  5. Dennis Bullock


  6. Keri Doolittle Photography

    Stunning bride! And, those FLOWERS are to die for, love them!

  7. Kerry O Moyer

    Wow…J&M (@J2)….You guys are amazing. You really, really are. I don’t know what to say (and that is rare for me!)….

  8. betsy


  9. Rick Scanlan

    Wow guys…gorgeous photography. Love the first look shots at the lighthouse!

  10. Benita

    What a beautiful couple and as always such beautiful work. I adore the colors chosen for the wedding! Fabulous. :)


  11. Kare

    I feel your church pain: I asked you a couple of months ago for some advice for shooting in the church. You, of course, gave me fab advice and calmed my nerves. The priest, though, had his own ideas – except for the processional we were to stay at the back of the church. The BACK! Behind the guests. Ahhhhhhh. We rocked it out, though. As did you, obviously. :-)

  12. Alison Klein

    Absolutely stunning!!!

  13. Christa

    LOVE that last shot :)

  14. cassandra-m

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE every single photo. GORGEOUS couple and AMAZING photos, as always. You guys rock!

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