October 17, 2010

Saltwater Farm Vineyard Wedding: Kristin & Bill (Part I)

Good Monday morning! And welcome to a new week! We’re gonna kick things off right for ya, as all day today will be Kristin & Bill day here on the blog J&M. We’ll be backing em up and cranking em out, so be sure to check back. And often. But for now, let’s get started with Part I.

But before we get going, let’s just take another look at that stellar lineup of vendors that came together to make their day possible: Miss Sara Faella on makeup, Linda Sample and the entire A Thyme to Cook crew batting catering & set up, Merrily & Michael from Saltwater Farm Vineyard on deck, Leah Miner of It’s So Ranunculus taking a lead off second and daring em to pick her off, Felicia’s Sweetface Pastry selling sweets in the stands and DJ Doug from PowerPosse Productions sliding into home.

Boo. Yah.

Ok, let’s get going now.

We’ll start with the bible that Kristin’s grandpa gave her grandma on their wedding day, 70 years ago almost to the day. It was beautiful!

To the one and only. Always. Love this!!

Kristin’s absolutely gorgeous dress, which she said YES to at Keinfelds! (Which if you’ll remember, is why Say Yes to the Dress was there)

The light in Saltwater Farm Vineyard is insane! They should bottle that and sell it too!

A yellow pair of Louboutin’s? Kristin, just when I thought I couldn’t love you any more you took it to a WHOLE ‘nother level! LOVE these! LOVE you!!

Ok, so now those of you who have been to a “Walk Through a Wedding” workshop might very rightly turn this back on us and ask us our “Why?” Why are the shoes hanging from a wine barrel Mary? And while we’re at it, why is the dress hanging on the wall? Fair enough. But in this case, chasing the good light and texture was our why. Normally I’m not a big fan of shoes or dresses stuck in random places that they wouldn’t be found naturally, but in this case since the girls were actually getting ready at the vineyard and it was such a big part of their day…it just somehow felt like it worked. But rest assured, we did ask ourselves “Why” before doing it. And I think that’s the most important part.

After we spent a good amount of time playing with all the fabulous details, Justin went over to hang out with Bill. Who was just writing this letter to Kristin.

The ever-handsome Bill workin it before heading to the church.

Meanwhile, Julia was grabbing this super emotional moment with Kristin & her mom Pam (who I ADORE!!)

Sara Faella was on hand to rock out Kristin’s hair & makeup, as well as make her custom headpiece, and I LOVE her! Definitely give her a call if you are in need of something gorgeous for your hair!

Go time!

After the dress goes on, I always get 5-10 minutes with my brides with no one else around (except for Julia of course!) We use that time to breathe, take some quiet time, and grab some bridal portraits in the process.

Kristin you are exquisite! Absolute, sheer perfection.


Then it was time to head to the church!

Where there were some pretty killer details waiting. Kristin & Bill HANDMADE all of their programs from the bindings of old books, and then packed them all in this basket to keep with the Sunday Picnic theme. I LOVED them! Like love, loved them! Loooooved them. You get the idea. it took hours of work, but it was SO, so worth it!

This little guys so reminds me of the kid in Love Actually. RIght?! And I love that he’s holding the world’s tiniest paper airplane.

Kristin’s dad also definitely makes my people I adore list. I love this little look right before they head down the aisle…

….and the hug at the end of the aisle.

The vows were super emotional. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place by the end of them. Luckily, we have autofocus. :)

How could you NOT fall in love with these two?! Kristin & Bill, I love you and I love your love!


Mr. & Mrs!

Ten minute rule in full effect!! Aw yea.

Stay tuned!! Part II just keeps gettin better! :)

  1. Pam Mulrane

    Perfect! Awesome! Just Beautiful!!

  2. Kare


  3. maggieb

    Luscious!!!!…and since a picture is worth a thousand words these photos tell volumes…LUSCIOUS!

  4. feuza

    you had me at yellow loubotin which I cant spell. love the hugging at end of isle shot and moment

  5. Sindy

    Looooove these J&M :) The story behind the small Bible is amazing and I love what’s written inside!

  6. Linda Sample

    Beyond exquisite! Not only are they beautiful but you capture every magical nuance!

  7. Gina Meola

    Those detail shots are incredible!!

  8. Kristin & Bill

    Ahh! They’re amazing!!!!! I wish we wern’t at the shop and we’d be staring at them all day!!

  9. Felicia


  10. Pam Masella

    absolutely beautiful pictures

  11. Lisa


  12. Heather

    Amazing! You two are such a wonderful couple..can’t wait for the rest!

  13. Nancy Clifford

    These pictures truly capture the love, joy, and happiness everyone felt on your wedding day. I can’t wait to see Part II. You are a beautiful couple–inside and outside!!

  14. Girish

    Nice going. Great b/w treatment.

  15. Michelle Hebert

    You guys ROCK at wedding pictures! The emotion that you capture is beautiful!

  16. Emily

    What a gorgeous wedding!! Love all the details and light at the vineyard… sooooo pretty!

  17. Ravyn

    My goodness. You guys have outdone yourselves. The lighting in these photos is to die for. That bible is absolutely amazing.

  18. Aunt ME

    You and Bill look so happy and beautiful in every photo! It is so much fun to relive the day, I wish all your days together are as wonderful as that one was!

  19. Erin

    I love these pics! You captured the excitement and emotion at the church ceremony perfectly. And kanga looks divine in those standalone vineyard shots. ;)

  20. CR Socials (Carisa)

    One word: INCREDIBLE!

  21. Kathy Chilton

    What great pictures, they really captured the joyfulness of the day so well. Just perfect!!

  22. Neal Spangler

    Great pictures, great wedding, GREAT Couple. And to think…the best is yet to come!!!!! We love ya’s!!

  23. Ana Spangler

    Beautiful pictures for wonderful memories!! Was real love in an enchanted setting. Could not have been better.

  24. Mary Beth

    Picture perfect bride and groom!!

  25. Tom

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple.

  26. Aaron Tokarz

    phenomenal… looking through you blog post means sooooo much more now after attending your "walk through a wedding" workshop. i love the details, the why’s, the 10 minute rule (which i used on my last wedding and it was amazing). thank you j…m for everything.

  27. Julia R

    Gorgeous photos! The emotion of it all jumps right off the screen! And I love the unique programs!

  28. Mellanie

    Beautiful Wedding Kristen

  29. Merrily

    Stunning….how about a Melt nearby so we can see more of you!

  30. Heather

    The most perfect couple ever.

  31. Heather & Eric

    The most beautiful wedding that I’ve been to by far.

  32. Barbara Mulrane

    Gorgeous pictures of a gorgeous couple. Loved the ones of Grammy"s missal.

  33. Stefanie Hampton Morrow

    WOW! Your color and light is so crisp and beautiful!!!

  34. Jamei

    wowwww! What amazing pictures, and an amazing couple! That day was sooo much fun and the pictures really capture it all!

  35. Victoria Pruitt

    Absolutely perfect!

  36. Erica Keane


    Sooooo great- what a great photographer! I felt like I was there as I looked through your photos :O)

    Sooo happy for you both! xoxo- Erica

  37. Bob

    I love the b/w pic with Bill in the foreground and my Dad in the background. Somehow I need a copy of that becuase it needs to be framed. I’m reliving the whole day as I look at these.

  38. Sarah Clapp

    Love the black and whites of you and your dad coming down the aisle, and of you and Bill on the way out! You both look so radiant!

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    I love the one where your heads against each other! So adorable! :)

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    Absolutely LOVE the pictures.. amazing shots of you before the ceremony Kristin – what a model ;)

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  43. Peter

    The photography is amazing!

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