October 19, 2010

Saltwater Farm Vineyard Wedding: Kristin & Bill (Part II)

And now….Part II of Kristin & Bill’s Saltwater Farm Vineyard wedding! There was so much goodness at this wedding that we had to split up the reception into Parts II & III (Killer Details)…so be sure to stay tuned for those coming soon! You’ll have to see em to believe them!


  1. joan solitario

    that was just beautiful!

  2. Dennis Bullock

    Fantastic guys!

  3. Christa

    What beautiful images. Love the first and last sets :)

  4. spring

    love these!!!! her dress is perfect! swoooooon.

  5. Kristin

    Love love love. They’re just gorgeous! Don’t know how you make us look so good :)

  6. MM

    @Kristin: psssssht!!! You two are the gorgeous ones….we just push the button! :)

  7. Alison

    These have all been gorgeous! What a beautiful venue and perfect dress for her! I have to say the shot of the little kid looking shocked stole my heart though…

  8. Tanda

    These are beautiful!!! In another life I would be doing what you are doing! I will live vicariously through you for now. :)

  9. Jen Otchy

    Wow. My heart skips a beat looking at these. *LOVE*

  10. Girish

    Beautiful shots. I am big fan of the dance and shoot after that. The b/w treatment and light make the photographs timeless.

  11. Lisa


  12. Lisa


  13. Lisa


  14. Lisa


  15. jeramy

    the last one! the last one by the cake is my fav. excellent!

  16. Kathy Chilton

    These are really really great…

  17. Erin

    Lovely! Just lovely!

  18. Pam Mulrane

    So many awesome shots of Kristin and Bill! You’ve captured such a memorable day so perfectly

  19. Tom

    Wonderful, creative shots that appear to capture the essence of a beautiful day.

  20. julia r

    I am simply swooning over all of the shots among the vines! gorgeous!

  21. Pam Masella

    what a beautiful day and beautiful couple, love these pictures

  22. Mellanie

    Love the vineyard shots, and I like how the flowers stand out in the bridesmaid picture. Gorgeous.

  23. Dominique

    You guys are consistently amazing, love them!

  24. Merrily

    How enticing are those shots in the vines….just lovely!

  25. Lauren

    Beautiful dress. And is it sad that I can tell which bridesmaid is my sister only from her arm?

  26. Barbara Mulrane

    Loved the ones in the vineyard.

  27. Whitney

    I absolutely love the one in which you guys captured Kristin smiling or laughing…not b/c of the camera but because of how happy Bill makes her feel!

  28. Chansoda

    absolutely beautiful!

  29. Sarah Clapp

    Kristin these wedding pictures are SO beautiful and your dress is AMAZING. I have been obsessively checking your facebook for more pics because they are just so wonderful to look at. You looked so beautiful and the entire wedding just looked fantastic. Wish you both so much happiness.

  30. Ashley

    Your venue was grogeous!!!

  31. Kay and Bob Hall

    The pictures were wonderful. So much love and joy! A beautiful and special day never to be forgotten.

  32. Kay and Bob Hall

    A perfect setting for a perfect wedding and your photography has captured it beautifully.

  33. Morgan

    Okay, again. I love these. The pictures in the vineyard are AMAZING!

  34. Katie

    The beautiful light in the vineyard is so DIVINE! I love all these shots!

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