April 24, 2015



At the beginning of the year, I blogged about my word for 2015….Rooted. I said that I wanted to dig in. To stand a little taller. To get tossed less by the daily ups and downs because my roots run deep, and I know where my anchor comes from. And thus far, I really feel like I’ve been doing that this year. Justin & I have been digging down and getting our hands dirty in the business of building a LIFE together. We’ve been doing work on this home of ours. We’ve been doing some radical things with our money & giving like we’ve never given before. We’ve been working on eating healthy, working out and taking better care of ourselves…something that was seriously lacking for a long time. We’ve been getting even more serious about work-life boundaries and saying “no” a lot and to a lot of awesome opportunities too….which is scary and hard, but oh so necessary if we don’t always want to be running around with our hair on fire! :) And we’ve been spending a lot more time talking to God and what His plans are, which are always so much better than ours anyway.

Part of that has been waking up every morning (ok, most mornings…it’s a process) and having some quiet time to start the day. I read a little, pray a little, listen to some good music. And it always, always fills my tank. Lately, I just started a devotional that I think is taking me into the next phase of this word Rooted….and that word is Savor. If the first phase was about getting all of our various houses in order (money, time, health, and our literal house…which will all continue to be ongoing works in progress!), I think the second phase is about slowing down enough to actually enjoy or savor what’s in front of us.

We are heading into the next couple of months, with the chance to actually be home more. And I just feel like so much of what that word Rooted is becoming for me now is making time for what matters. It’s sipping a cup of coffee slowly while looking out at the water, rather than gulping down in the car on the way to our next thing. It’s chopping vegetables while Justin fires up the grill and french jazz plays in the air (don’t worry, we’re not that fancy…it’s just the Something’s Gotta Give station on Pandora). It’s cozy blankets and fluffy golden retriever ears and not having anywhere else in particular to be at the moment. It’s fresh flowers and taking the time to cut the stems one by one just because you can. It’s bottles of wine and amazing conversation that will never fit inside the space of perfectly curated squares or 140 characters. It’s writing words that matter. And getting our hands dirty in the work that lasts. It’s gratitude. And contentment. And bare feet on a front porch swing. It’s the smell of basil and the feel of clean sheets. It’s putting mint in your water just because sometimes it’s that extra ten percent in life that makes all the difference. It’s grilled grapefruit and your favorite sweater and that hammock that’s been waiting in the backyard. It’s looking the people who matter most in the eye and telling them that you’re thankful they share these four walls with you. And the world is better with them in it. So here’s to slowing down, breathing deep breaths, and really being in the little things while you have them.

Because the truth is this life is far too sweet, not to slow down and savor it.


** Savor is a 365 day devotional about enjoying the small things in live & living abundantly, and it is also a cook book! I’m loving it so far!

  1. Alicia White

    Love everything about this post! My 2015 word was intentional and contentment, and we have been finding ways of doing the same to what you spoke to above! (and I must try this grilled grapefruit you spoke about!)

  2. Kristin U.

    I love this. So much. Proud of you guys!! :D

  3. Natalie

    Love you, love this, and I can’t wait to see you in a few weeks!

  4. Caitlin

    Love this so much! Our move this year was scary and big and brought so much newness but even with all the starting over, we’ve never been more rooted (I copied your word for the year!). You, my friends, are my favorite inspiration and I am so thankful for you and your words!

  5. Carissa

    This post… LOVE it. You are so wise Mary!! And I might be going to amazon.com in a second to get myself that devotional!

  6. Stephanie Stewart

    Yes, yes, yes! Love this post. I’m trying to do some of the same things. Enjoy moments, the present, rather than worrying about what else I could have done yesterday and what more I can do tomorrow and the next day. Living like that isn’t really living, it’s just letting time get the best of you. I love Pandora! I’ll have to try your station! One of my favorites is Basement Jazz Radio and Laid Back Beach Music is great too! I sooo want to try grilled grapefruit! Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Christy Tyler

    Soooo happy to hear this!! We’ve been doing this the past couple years and this last year especially- and it has been so amazing. Be here now. Sip in each drop! Xoxo

  8. Rici

    OHHH!!! Loved this post and all the words it held! Wonderful written Mary!! Thank you so much for letting us be part of your process. I remember the New Years post well ;) I am such a fan of the little and quiet moments! I especially loved the part where you wrote about asking for Gad´s plan. It is courageous. Truly!
    So grateful you have those personal posts of yours. Loads of love from the south of Germany. :*

  9. sharon elizabeth

    THIS… all of THIS is what I was saying =)

  10. Jenny

    I just want to know when you’re finally going to write a book :) Amazing words as always.

  11. Sarah Anne Hayes

    Shauna Niequist has been one of my favorites since I read Bread & Wine in 2013. I haven’t gotten Savor yet, but I plan to soon. My word for 2015 was originally risk, but the more I’m getting into this year, the more I’m thinking maybe I need a different one. Risk was good for these first four months, but at the very least, I think the next four are going to be about creating margin and space — and, yes, — savoring all life has to offer. :)

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