July 3, 2012

Scenes from a Catalina Wedding

Twenty-six miles across the sea, Santa Catalina is a-waitin for me.

This past weekend after our Friday wedding at the Branford House, we hopped on a 6am flight bound for California. Two flights and one ferry ride later, we found ourselves on the island of Catalina for one of my good friend from law school’s incredible wedding at the Avalon Casino Hotel and a mini reunion of sorts. We toasted and sipped on champagne and danced the night away. And when the cocktail hour trays were passed, we took from them without fear.

Mini stuffed mushrooms…don’t mind if I do!!

  1. caitlin elizabeth

    best guest photos EVAH

  2. Gail

    Oh man…this makes me want to experience Catalina! So glad you guys got to enjoy a wedding as GUESTS for a change — in a BEAUTIFUL place, no less!

  3. KTUN

    You and Justin look FABulous! I hope you had a really great time! That looks like a beautiful place to get married!!!!!!

  4. Lauren Wakefield

    Beautiful! Her dress is gorg!!!

  5. Marcus

    You guys look HOT! :) We miss you and need to see your faces soon. Always love your B & W. Love.

  6. Tira J

    Catalina is such a gorgeous place!!! You guys are so close! Are you still in town? I have so many memories of the wonderful island just 26 miles from home. xoxo

  7. Taylor

    Santa Catalina the island of romance, romance!

  8. Sophie

    Wow. Looks like such a blast, and what a breathtaking location!

  9. Shannon Rosan

    Yay! So glad you and Justin got to enjoy a wedding!! And in an incredible setting :)

  10. Nicole Callaway

    Is it totally weird for you to be guests at a wedding? I find it hard to seperate the "photographer’s eye" from that of the "happy guest" So glad you were able to enjoy a mini weekend get-a-way. And the stuffed mushrooms! :)

  11. Evonne & Darren

    It’s nice to see you and J as the guests! :)

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